5 Valentine’s Day Activities For Health-Conscious Couples

5 Valentine’s Day Activities For Health-Conscious Couples


14 February 2016


We know what Valentine’s Day ‘traditionally’ means - chocolates, romantic dinners, presents - basically pampering each other all in the name of love. Many of these activities involve indulging yourselves which is great!

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But what if both of you are on a health journey together and don’t want to spend the day breaking your diet? Well, worry not, here are five Valentine’s Day activities that you can do together for a loving, romantic time which won’t stress your diet and lifestyle out.

Romantic Picnic Hike

Talk about getting a delicious hike in to whet your appetites, and then having a delicious picnic with an amazing view to boot! You can pack your picnic any way you choose. Get all the healthy, homemade, real food in and add in an extra bit of healthy desert (because hey! It is V-Day). I would say, pick a hike that ends with a stunning view so you can unpack and spend a lovely time with your beloved enjoying the beautiful backdrop.

Couples Massage and Spa

Ah yeah, get your tai-tai on! You’ve been working so hard, why not get some rest and relaxation in this V-Day. We all need time to recover. Spas usually also serve healthy meals and juices, so this way you won’t have to bother with making your own meal and can really let go and relax.

Yoga retreat

What? A weekend yoga retreat? Yes please! Sign me up! These retreats are a wonderful way to spend time together as well as get centered and balanced. Many of them are also situated by the beach or in the forest so you can also include romantic walks on the beach or sweet forest treks.

Cook and Cuddle Together

What if you don’t want to head out? Well how about staying in cooking together and then cuddling while watching a movie? Sometimes cooking together can be so satisfying! Also if you’ve had a rough week, staying in with your loved ones can be the most loving present ever. Make sure you know what you want to cook and get the ingredients ahead of time. And then Netflix and chill…


Dancing is one of my favourite things to do! Not only does it release stress and burns calories it is also so much fun! Nothing feels better than spending a night out dancing and coming home to cuddle after. Go dancing with your loved one! It might be hard to find a place to dance outside that doesn’t serve alcohol, so this might require some self control to just drink bottled water all night. However, if you don’t want to head out, dance it out at home!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be that day you fall off the wagon in the name of love. Be creative! There are loads of way you two can celebrate while sticking to your diet! Enjoy, everyone!