3 Hiking Spots in Hong Kong Island For Every Level

3 Hiking Spots in Hong Kong Island For Every Level


7 January 2019


For locals, hiking is a leisure activity to spend time with family or friends, or even to simply to loosen up, unload that work stress and exhale those daily negativities.

For visitors, exploring the mountains in Hong Kong is a great way to see the island from a different perspective. Overlooking the breathtaking views of the cityscapes and oceans of Hong Kong after a rewarding hike should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Victoria Peak

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Photo: @cheryltohcy

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Photo: @caterinafajardo

Difficulty: 1/5
Time: 3hrs
Route: HKU—Lung Fu Shan Country Park—Peak Tram Station—Lugard Road—HKU

Not a big fan of hiking yet, but want some scenic photos for your Instagram? Or just an amateur dipping your toe into the joys of hiking? This path to Victoria Peak is for you.

Go up the stairs right beside the HKU postgraduate students’ hall to start your journey to the Peak. There are signs at the university pointing out the path of Lung Fu Shan Country Park.

After around 15 minutes, you’ll be at Hatton Road. There will be some slopes at the start, but nothing too challenging. You should reach the Peak Tram Station after around 1 hour and 15 minutes, after which you can keep going up to the Peak Park for another 20 minutes. Or you can go down from Lugard Rd for 15 minutes to see the most beautiful Victoria Bay view along the mountain path. It takes only 1 hour 45 minutes to go down the mountain.

Overall, this path is really easy for beginners and doesn’t need to much strength, so bring your family and your dog here! It’s even comfortable to hike in summer since there are a lot of trees to shade you from the sun.


Aberdeen Country Park

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 Photo: @philgann

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 Photo: @kissacastaneda

Difficulty: 2/5
Time: 1.5hrs
Route: Wan Chai—Wan Chai Gap Road—Aberdeen Reservoirs—Aberdeen

If you stay near Central this is the mountain for you to conquer. Near Wan Chai MTR station, take the elevator at Hopewell Center to the 11th floor, Kennedy Road. Turn left and you’ll be at the entrance of Wan Chai Gap Road.

The “hardest” part of the route is right here. It's slightly sloped but there aren’t too many staircases involved, so it’s also friendly for baby strollers. Trees create green shades and forested areas. Along the way you will pass the police museum and the stunning destination—Aberdeen Reservoirs. It looks like a bright mirror landing in a fantasy forest! It is a breathtaking view and a comfortable path to visit, definitely try it out if you are nearby.


Rhino rock in Stanley

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 Photo: @gethigh_hk

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 Photo: @twinklekae

Difficulty: 4/5
Time: 1hr
Route: Stanley Fort Bus Terminus—Entrance of Stanley Barracks

Find the hikes above a bit too easy? Want something more challenging? Try out the Rhino rock in Stanley for some guaranteed breathtaking scenery and a chance to get some insta-worthy shots while you’re at it.

First, get yourself to the Stanley Fort Bus Terminus, the entrance is at  the staircase outside Stanley Barracks. The route is not very far and since there aren’t many stairs constructed yet, it’s a brief walk through the rock and mud. Look out for ribbons marked on trees to lead to you rhino rock, where you can see the majestic rock shaped as a rhino’s head and get those snaps!

A few things to keep in mind: it’s better to wear a long sleeved top and long pants since you may get small cuts from the plants. And be careful and stay low when you’re going down the tilt and bumpy routes as the mountain isn’t fully developed.


Header image credit: @paru_parong_bukid