How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like Exercising

How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like Exercising


12 June 2015


Being a fitness coach, I meet a lot of people through my work. From those who love to up the ante right from the beginning when it comes to their workout, to those who are not such big fans of it and need a bit more convincing!

And therein lies the challenge: We all know it is important for us but it’s difficult to get yourself pumped up for an activity that you don’t like , so how do you change that? Here are some of my suggestions that may just change your minds about what exercising is all about.

Do something fun!

Find something that you truly enjoy doing. If you like dancing, turn that into a workout. If you don’t like high-intensity workouts, perhaps yoga or pilates would be worth a try.

Or do something a little more adventurous and go hiking in the great outdoors.  More an indoors person? Try a new activity like trampoline jumping. These are all fun and you’d be working out without feeling like it’s a chore. The point is to get off that sofa and just get moving doing something you’d enjoy.

Get some friends and hit the gym together. Or get a personal trainer who will find ways of motivating you through enjoyable workouts.

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Set realistic goals

It’s easy to fall off the wagon when you don’t see instant results. The key here is patience and to set realistic goals. Wanting to have the figure of the latest Hollywood hottie is one thing, but expecting it after just a week of exercising is just setting yourself up for a downfall and major disappointment. Remember, those celebrities work for their figures and you have to too.

Set positive goals for yourself such as ‘I will exercise three times a week’ and if weight loss is your goal, then set a realistic goal. Don’t set a ridiculous weight loss schedule as that could disappoint you or even worse, be detrimental to your health if you lose too much too soon. If you need guidance, a trainer could assist you in setting realistic goals for yourself.

Find the Time

Yes, we are all busy people but sometimes all you need is just 30 minutes a day, or even less depending on what sort of workout you’d be doing. Do a short yoga session at home before you head to work, go on the treadmill over lunch break, or you could even do some exercises while watching your favourite shows on the telly; jumping jacks, planking, crunches, push-ups, stretches, anything that doesn’t have you just sitting still. Increase the number of steps you take in a day by walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift or the escalator.

As long as you are actively moving, you will be burning calories. And who knows, you may just find yourself loving all the physical exercises. Trust me, nothing beats the feeling that a good workout gives you!

So go on, take that first step to a healthier you.