Exercises To Do At Different Stages As A New Mum

Exercises To Do At Different Stages As A New Mum


31 October 2021


As a mother of two, It can be difficult to find time to exercise amongst all the other things on your to do list, as your priority is having to take care of these little beings. So here are some tips to help you find that time so that you can be a fit and still be a happy mum, as exercise helps to alleviate stress and gives us a healthy dose of endorphins too.

Different stages of your child and what exercises you could do:

New Born

This is probably the easiest time to get your exercise in. You’re on maternity leave, and your baby spends most of it’s time sleeping. This is a new phase in your life especially with the firstborn, it may be overwhelming and exhausting, but trust me, you have time on your hands and exercise will give you more energy and it will make you feel good.

One activity you can consider is yoga. Choose a class with a teacher that not only knows you have recently given birth, but also understands what moves would be most beneficial for you. I found yoga to be a good entry back in to physical activity, and the relaxation parts were most welcoming, not only for me but my little one too.

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Once your baby starts to get stronger and can hold their head up, you can start to do a lot more with them. During this time I joined a small group class of women only. They were more than happy for me to bring my baby to class. If he wasn’t sleeping, I would set him up in a corner of the studio and he would be happy to watch all the commotion around him. And if he got restless, which started to happen when he could crawl, I would incorporate him to my workouts. Some fun workouts during this time would be dance classes or even aerobics

Infant 2


Now that your child can run around, it can either get a little more tricky or more fun!

One great exercise you can do is hiking. You can strap the kids in a carrier and at times let them have a walk too so that they can get burn some of their endless energy too.

Since the kids are more independent and they can entertain themselves, it does allow me to get on with my workout, and occasionally they will add some intensity to it!

Toddler 1

Toddler 2

Fun activities to do on your next family holiday:

Now that you have kids, holidays are a whole different ball game. Don’t even think about relaxing! I’m kidding, of course, you can schedule in some relaxation, which you deserve. But you’ll also need to keep active, more so for the kids, to keep them busy and keep you sane. Canoeing and cycling are not only fun but the kids would also have the chance to explore new places.

Holiday 1

Holiday 4

So there you have it, different activities you can do with your children as they go through different stages. Remember, exercise should always be a top priority and never a reason to neglect your health well being. As mothers we need to be the pillars of strength to our children, whilst have to keep up with the energy levels of the children.