8 Ways To Stay Active While Working A Full-Time Job

8 Ways To Stay Active While Working A Full-Time Job


20 August 2015


When asked why they haven’t been exercising, many people give the excuse “I’m just too busy with work!”. While this may be true to a certain extent, incorporating active elements throughout your day needn’t take too much time away from completing your tasks at hand. If anything, being more active throughout your day will help you feel refreshed and renewed to be even more productive.

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 1. Take the stairs

We all hate waiting for the elevator to arrive. And even when it comes, it can be absolutely packed to the brim! Skip the queue and take the stairs instead. This simple change will make you feel good, get your heart pumping and you’ll most likely have the stairs all to yourself!

2. Work at a standing desk

Popularised by tech companies such as Google, standing desks have been known to offer physiological and psychological benefits. A study conducted in Canada and published in Preventive Medicine  found that standing desks reduce employee sedentariness and increase mood. If you want to take it a step further, go for a treadmill desk (imagine working and walking at the same time). They found that while treadmill desks do tend to reduce productivity, they also helped participants to lose weight while at work.

3. Stretch periodically

It’s so easy to get consistently more hunched up at your desk as the day progresses. If you’ve been using the Pomodoro technique, you should have some time set aside each half hour to pause what you’re working on and reset. This is the perfect time to stretch out your body!

4. Plan walking meetings

A study conducted at Stanford University found that walking increases the creative output of their participants by 60 percent. Although walking around the office or the building was found to be just as effective as walking outside, getting outside will also enable you to give your body the fresh air and vitamin D that it craves.

5. Eat lunch outside

It’s tempting to eat lunch (or dinner if you’re still in the office in the evening) at your desk to kill two birds with one stone, but don’t do it. Tear yourself away from the desk and eat outside as research has found that lunchtime strolls decrease your stress levels and increase enthusiasm. And if you don’t want to eat out all the time, just take your packed lunch for a stroll in the park!

6. Organise a yoga session

Yoga has made its way into the workplace more and more in recent years. And with good reason - it doesn't require much space nor equipment. It’s also great for your body, mind and spirit, lowering your resting heart rate, improving oxygen uptake and deepening your breath.

7. Organise a team-building day

Although we spend a large portion of our day with our colleagues, it’s surprising how little we connect with them given all the formalities that we generally follow. Team-building days at venues such as Skytrex and Tadom Base will get your team sweating and help to develop a common sense of comradery.

8. Enter a competition

Or why not take things a step further and enter a race with your colleagues? Committing to an event such as a fun run, marathon or obstacle race will force you to train consistently each week. Surrounded by a cohort of colleagues all freaking out at the prospect of competing in a race, you’ll be more inclined to motivate and help each other to improve your fitness levels.