4 Hong Kong Fitness Classes You Don’t Want to Miss

4 Hong Kong Fitness Classes You Don’t Want to Miss


9 September 2019


XP Fitness: Pilates for Beginners

XP Fitness

XP Fitness Hub, a boutique fitness studio located in Central, helps its members pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle by offering them a variety of elite programs in a friendly atmosphere. The first pilates class I attended was for beginners. For someone who has no experience with pilates, I can say that I was able to last through the whole exercise and performed relatively better than the other attendees. So if you exercise regularly but don’t have any pilates experience, I would recommend signing up for a higher level class. Regardless, it was enjoyable and relaxing. Our instructor, Kathleen Dino, was the sweetest instructor I have ever met. She was encouraging and made the class engaging. The session didn’t leave my muscles too sore, and I had high energy levels for the rest of the day. So I would encourage anyone to sign up for this class in replacement of a rest day or a low-intensity workout. 

Check out the XP Fitness location and class schedule here

Orangetheory Fitness: HIIT 60

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness, a global fitness franchise that has branches from North America to South East Asia, has science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workouts that promise to impact its members’ mental and physical health tremendously. After attending one of their HIIT sessions, I was able to understand the confidence of their promise. I took a 9 pm session and was put into a group with three other attendees. The instructor started the exercise on a treadmill where attendees either ran or walked on an incline depending on their physical capabilities. During the training, we were alternating between three paces:  base, push and all-out pace, where each pace is more intense than the ones that come before. 

The point of alternating is to shock the body, and consequently, facilitate fat burn. To be honest, I don’t enjoy running on a treadmill and find it quite dull. However, changing my running pace up every two minutes and hearing the reassuring voice of my instructor turned my treadmill session from a dreadful one to quite an enjoyable one. After we were done with the treadmill, we hopped into the rowing machine. We again followed the same methodology: changing the intensities and having pauses. After a whole 40-minute cardio session, we started strength training using our body weights and some light weights. The rest of the workout was pretty similar to the exercises I do at my gym and hence found it easy to follow and not too challenging. After our strength training session, we stretched and looked at the calories we each have burned. I burned 600+ calories in that workout and was truly exhausted. I had a quality sleep that night, but the next day, all my muscles were sore. Regardless, it was worth it! 

To find an Orange Theory near you, or check out their class schedule, visit their website


House of Fitness: HIIT FIT

House of Fitness

House of Fitness, a boutique high-intensity studio located in Sheung Wan, offers a variety of classes that target fat-loss and muscle gain with the guidance of professional trainers. Even though the studio is quite small, they make it work. Every corner of the studio is designed in a way that I was able to do sprints, waves with battle ropes, jumping jacks, lift weights,  basically all the things you would want to do to get toned. Their HIIT FIT class was the hardest class that I have ever taken in Hong Kong. We were a group of six, and each one of us was placed in a different station at any given point so that we weren’t intervened by anyone else. Each station targeted a different body part with a different style. For instance, we used our body weight to strengthen our arms and did cardio-based exercises like sprints and jumping jacks to tone our lower body. Each station lasted six minutes, and we took one-minute breaks every time we completed a station. After the stations were over, we stretched and called it a day. Even though this was my first session at this studio, I didn’t feel out of place thanks to our fitness instructor and everyone else in the class. He helped me a ton when I wasn’t even able to remember which exercise to do out of exhaustion. After the class was over, I wasn’t able to go to the gym for a week! So I would recommend this class to those who are confident in themselves at the gym or to those who are basically ninjas. Otherwise, definitely sign up for an easier class and read the reviews!

Want to experience House of Fitness for yourself? Visit their website for more information. 

Bounce Limit: Tabata HIIT

Bounce Limit

Bounce Limit, a rebounder training studio located in Sheung Wan, offers a variety of different HIIT classes that are tailored to everyone’s needs and capabilities. This was a first for me, being in a rebounder studio. Although I haven’t attended the class myself, I observed the TABATA HIIT session from the beginning until the very end. The first thing I noticed was the way they were able to functionalize rebounders, which reminded me of my childhood when I used to jump on trampolines and have so much fun. 

The training consisted of six different exercises: jumping jacks, planks, push-ups, lunges. Each workout was more challenging and more fun due to the addition of rebounders. I saw the frustration and the joy of everyone in the class, including our lovely trainer Aileen. She was genuinely having fun and encouraging the rest of the class to have as much fun as she was having. Even though I was only observing the class, the training went by so fast that I didn’t even realize that I have been watching strangers jumping on top of small trampolines for a straight hour. Regardless, this class grabbed my attention, and I am looking forward to attending one of their sessions next time. 

Check out Bounce Limit online for their class schedule.