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Our Story

Leading a sustainable healthy lifestyle isn’t easy in Asia. Most of us don’t know enough about where to go, what to do, what to eat or even how to get started. We wondered why it was so difficult and asked ourselves this question:

“What if there was ONE place people could go to that had all the guidance & solutions they needed to live healthy in an affordable and sustainable way?”

The answer was simple! If everything was easily accessible, more people would be encouraged and empowered to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Through our desire for this one-stop portal, PurelyB was born.

Our Mission

To Transform Lives: We want to empower sustainable healthy living for the modern generation in Asia and across the globe., our goal is to make it easy, accessible and affordable for everyone to live healthier.

Our Social Impact Goals

We are committed to promoting good health and improving the livelihoods of women & marginalised communities by providing training and job opportunities in the harvesting, production & commercialisation of PurelyB's all-natural, organic herbal products.

Our mission is to also preserve the herbal industry, wellness heritage & culture in Malaysia and Southeast Asia..

Our Brand Values & Beliefs

To succeed we must never forget Who We Are. It is important to always keep in mind that our beliefs and values make Snap-on unique.

Natural & Holistic

At our essence, we believe in a holistic wellness approach to health that encompasses nourishment, healing and strengthening both the mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing through more natural means - natural, wholesome diet, remedies and techniques.


Our content is proudly created and endorsed by a panel of trusted natural health & wellness experts. We take strict measures to ensure the content featured are in line with our values in natural and holistic health.

Passion & Care

Everything created by our co-founders, community and team is powered by our passion, love and care for making a positive difference in people’s lives, healing their bodies and reducing the risk of health problems with holistic living.


Dedicated towards helping our members transform their lifestyles naturally and sustainably for the long term, we continuously offer impactful solutions, community support and guidance.

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What We Offer

Your Trusted Guide to Improve your Quality of Health & Life

  • Latest in Health & Wellness

    Get educated & inspired with our videos, articles, podcasts & more bringing you the latest news and everything you need to know in holistic health and wellness, especially in Asia!

  • Digital Health Programmes

    Join our online health programmes created by trusted health experts across the region to help you achieve your health goals long-term sustainably. We have programme offerings for: 1)Individuals 2)Corporations* (for customers/employees) and 3)Affiliate partners*

    *Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details

  • Corporate Wellness Programmes & Events

    We help corporations improve employee health and productivity holistically. Through customized content, motivating workshops/events and bundling our digital health programmes for the employees, helping them improve their quality of life and reduce health risks sustainably. We also work with corporations who want to provide these wellness benefits as rewards  and incentives to their customers. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

  • Branded Content Partnerships

    We help brands engage their audience through campaigns & co-creation of relevant wellness content featuring their brand/product in any format (videos, articles, programmes..etc) across our network and channels. We help brands also grow their audience further by tapping into our base of 500K+ health-conscious users in Asia. As a trusted brand, we have strict guidelines on only working with companies and brands who share our values in natural holistic wellness.

Partnerships with Brands and Corporations who share our values and beliefs


We are dedicated to helping you through education, engagement and guidance, improve the health and lives of your valued customers and employees sustainably. If you wish to explore partnerships with us please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meet Our Team

Jesrina Arshad,
Co-Founder & CEO

Jesrina is a passionate advocate for healthy living and is determined to contribute towards posit...

Stephanie Looi,
Co-Founder & COO

I believe that good health isn’t just about healthy eating and exercise – it’s also about having ...

Hameedah Hamid,
Traditional Herbalist & Bidan

A Renowned local Traditional Malaysian Healer, Herbalist and Bidan (Village Midwife) with 20+ yea...

Professor Gerard Bodeker,
Chair of GIFTs of Health & Public Health Specialist

Professor Gerard Bodeker whose doctoral studies were at Harvard, researches and advises on tradit...

Joey Azman,
Chief Financial Officer

Joey's passion for sports stems from his childhood and adolescent years growing up in the "sporti...

Tarunjeet Singh,
Chief Technology Officer

Tarun is a seasoned technologist with over 15 years of professional experience, including 5 in se...

Carina Lipold,
Health & Wellness Director (NLP, Nutrition & Fitness Coach)

Carina Lipold is passionate about helping people achieve a life endowed with health and happiness...

Marissa Parry,
Health & Wellness Director (Nutrition & Fitness Coach)

Marissa Parry became an expert in health and wellness because she truly understands how good nour...

Amanda Teh,
Health & Wellness Director (Naturopath)

Amanda Teh is a qualified Naturopath and holds a Bachelor of Naturopathy from Nature Care College...

Peter Teh,
Finance, Human Resource & Admin Manager

One of Peter’s father’s main objectives was to ensure his son would grow up to support his favori...

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Guest Contributors

Michelle Lau,
Registered Nutritionist (MSc.) and the founder of Nutrilicious

Michelle Lau is a Registered Nutritionist (MSc.) and the founder of Nutrilicious, a Hong Kong-based nutrition consultancy company specializes in sports nutrition, weight management, paediatric and maternal nutrition.

Johanna Arshad,
Health & Wellness Director (Naturopath)

Johanna Arshad is an accredited naturopath, a director of The Natural Health Practice, and practised naturopathy at Natural Harmony in Malaysia.

Cj Lee,
Coach, Speaker and Co-founder of The Playground Fitness

CJ Lee, co-founder of The Playground Fitness coaching facility started out as a physique transformation specialist known for his unconventional approach to fitness, which has created sustainable change in the lives of many.

Amanda Luukinen,
Health coach

As a Certified Health Coach, Amanda supports women to heal aspects often overlooked that may be limiting their health and ability to enjoy life.

Dr Sumithra Nadarajah,
Founder and Medical Director of Thrive Health Clinic

Dr.Sumithra Nadarajah (MBBS, FMUCP) is the founder and medical director of Thrive Health Clinic, a functional medicine clinic that helps patients overcome their chronic illness. Thrive Health Clinic is located in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Dave Catudal,
Health & Wellness Director (Nutrition & Fitness Coach)

Dave is a celebrity fitness trainer, certified nutrition consultant, and international health educator who has dedicated the last 14 years of his life to wellness and optimising human performance.

Benjamin Thain,
Vegetarian Home Chef

Benjamin is a self-taught home cook who has been a vegetarian of 12 years, and started experimenting and creating meatless recipes in his search for healthy and delicious meals.

Claudia de Lange,

Mom of two, passionate about traveling, photography, cinema and positive parenting. Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, and hopefully getting addicted to exercise!

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