Top 8 Tried-and-Tested Healthy and Delicious Meal Deliveries In KL
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Top 8 Tried-and-Tested Healthy and Delicious Meal Deliveries In KL


18 May 2021


Ordering meals has become easier than ever.

We all know that eating healthy can be quite a challenge amidst the food haven around us and the time constraints we face daily.

Intrigued to find out what options urbanites in the Klang Valley had, we went on a hunt for nutritious and delicious meal deliveries in KL and were pleasantly surprised by the variety of meal deliveries available.

So, here’s a concise and updated list featuring our top 8 healthy and yummy meal deliveries in Kuala Lumpur.


Top 8 Tried-and-Tested Healthy and Delicious Meal Deliveries in Kuala Lumpur


1. Go Clean

Go Clean

Credit: Go Clean

Background: What sets GoClean apart from competitors is that all their meals are created and prepared under the guidance of a nutritionist, a personal trainer, and an executive chef. Their aim is to create suitable portion-controlled macros across a broad spectrum of fitness goals. While you’d expect to fork out a large sum for such service, the meals by GoClean are actually fairly priced and quite affordable!

Pricing: RM 13.90 and upwards

Daily Specials: Available 

Suggested Meals: Pad Krapow, Mediterranean Fish with Balsamic Pumpkin Salad, or Chicken Meatballs with Zoodles

Meal Delivery Schedule: Unspecified Time (Monday to Friday) 

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2. Plant Power Cleanse

Plant Power Cleanse

Credit: Plant Power Cleanse

Background: Plant Power Cleanse is under Nourish Me but focuses specifically on (you guessed it) providing people with plant-based detox regimes. Designed by nutritionists, the 7-day plant-based cleanse cuts out corn, gluten, grains, legumes, processed sugar, and soy. It includes daily deliveries of lunch, dinner, and snacks, with turmeric tea and nut butters provided. To find out more, click here

Pricing: RM530 for 7 days for plant based lunch, dinner and snacks.

Daily Specials: -

Suggested Meals: -

Meal Delivery Schedule: 11.30-1 p.m. (Monday to Sunday)

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3. Meals in Minutes

Meals in MinutesCredit: Meals in Minutes

Background: If you’re not a fan of cooking then know that Meals in Minutes is designed exactly for you! All meals delivered are frozen and vacuum sealed a la Sous Vide style meaning you just need to place the packet into heated water. Currently, Meals in Minutes has pledged to donate 1 litre of clean drinking water to underprivileged communities every time a meal is sold. 

Pricing: RM 3.90 upwards

Daily Specials: Unavailable 

Suggested Meals: Truffled Mashed Potatoes, Creamy Tuscan Salmon, or Rosemary & Thyme Chicken

Meal Delivery Schedule: 9-5 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)

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4. Meal2U


Credit: Meal2U

Background: Meal2U specifically targets gym junkies meaning meals are portion-controlled. To add to that, each meal is labeled with information on the calories, carbs, fat, and protein contained within the dish. Everything is cooked ‘gasless’ to preserve nutrients and vacuum-packed meals are available, too. 

Pricing: RM 14.90 and upwards

Daily Specials: Available 

Suggested Meals: Smoked Duck Salad, All Day Brunch, or Teriyaki Chicken with Omurice

Meal Delivery Schedule: Unspecified Time (Monday to Friday)

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5. Meraki Kitchen

Screen Shot 2018 04 16 at 5.02.04 PM

Credit: Meraki Kitchen

Background: Meraki is derived from the Greek word for doing something with heart and soul. Unsurprisingly, every meal whipped up by Meraki Kitchen delivers just that. You can expect generous servings, too - great if you’re an active person but if not, perfect for splitting into two meals. Bonus: Meraki Kitchen doesn’t provide plastic cutlery unless requested. 

Pricing: RM 13 and upwards

Daily Specials: Menu per day changes weekly but some dishes repeat every other week

Suggested Meals: Miso Charred Broccoli & Mushroom Bowl, Korean Honey Gojuchang Bowl, or Yakisoba Pasta 

Meal Delivery Schedule: Unspecified 

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 6. Nourish Me

Food Matters.jpgCredit: Food Matters

Background: As mentioned, Nourish Me was founded and is run by nutritionists that are also wellness consultants. As such, their goal is to make delicious yet healthy meals more accessible to everyone - especially families hence their family based meal plans. Bonus: the calorie count and macros for each dish is clearly stated for discerning customers.

Pricing: RM 20 for one meal

Daily Specials: Available 

Suggested Meals: Braised Mushroom Char Siu Pao, Vegetarian Tagine, or No Bake Cookie Bars

Meal Delivery Schedule: 11.30-1 p.m. (Monday to Friday)

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7. The Naked Lunchbox

The Naked Lunchbox.jpgCredit: The Naked Lunchbox

Background: The reason it’s named The Naked Lunchbox is that each lunchbox is free from dairy, gluten, MSG, preservatives and additives, and sugars and artificial sweeteners. What remains is freshly made food that’s clean yet delicious. If you’re dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, raw, vegetarian, or vegan then The Naked Lunchbox is ideal for you.

Pricing: RM 6.90 and upwards

Daily Specials: Unavailable 

Suggested Meals: Spiced Corn Ribs, Beef Steak & Mushroom Pie, or Gluten-free Apple Pie

Meal Delivery Schedule: Unspecified 

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8. Ordinary Eats

Ordinary Eats

Credit: Ordinary Eats

Background: If you occasionally need to avoid garlic and onion or just want to reduce your intake of meat then Ordinary Eats is your go-to. The menu is entirely plant-based and refrains from using mock meat. It caters to Asian and Western palettes, with a limited selection of sugar-free desserts available, too.

Pricing: RM 16

Daily Specials: Available 

Suggested Meals: Oil-free Pesto, Butter ‘Milk’ Chicken, or Popeye Protein Burger

Meal Delivery Schedule: Unspecified Time (Monday to Friday)

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There you have it - 8 healthy meal deliveries that prove healthy eating can be appetizing, fun, varied, and convenient - bon appetit!

Want to cook up your own healthy meals instead? Check out these delicious plant-based recipes to make at home.