Top 7 Places To Eat Clean In KL
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Top 7 Places To Eat Clean (And Enjoy It!) In Kuala Lumpur


27 May 2015


Malaysia is a food haven, which explains why most Malaysians are such foodies. There is good food on practically every corner (just a slight exaggeration here!) and we can indulge in yummy food at any time of day.

A new breed of Malaysian foodies may however, have trouble locating places to eat. This new generation of healthy eaters may not want to frequent the ever popular mamaks or kopitiams, or may be looking for lighter alternatives to our local, celebrated dishes. To start you off, we have compiled a list of the seven best places to eat clean in the Klang Valley and will add to this list as we go along and discover more wonderful places.

1. Culinary Capers

 Culinary Capers

Culinary Capers caters to the health-conscious. Their menu offers a wide variety of dishes from fish, lamb and chicken, to rice, noodles, vegetables, sandwiches, wraps and dips; you will be spoilt for choice. This food delivery service will also appeal to those who like the idea of eating healthy food but may not want to be reminded of it every time they take a bite. The spread offered by Culinary Capers will not only have you eating healthily but eating tasty food. The dishes are cooked in a variety of styles; their menus in the past have featured biryani rice, nasi lemak, Greek lamb meatballs, soba noodles, beetroot vege burger, just to name a few, which have been given the Culinary Capers touch to make them healthier.

Although they have a website, calling them would probably be easier as the website is a little confusing. Their menu is changed and updated every once in a while so you can call them and get it emailed to you. A good way of sampling their food would be to order their Dining Boxes. These boxes are cleverly packed with the main part of the dish separate from the condiments so you don’t receive your order all mushed together. This also enables you to ‘mix and match’ to suit your tastes. Keep in mind that you may need to place your order a few days in advance.

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2. Organica Lifestyle


Organica Lifestyle is a great space with friendly staff. Situated in Bangsar, it’s a hidden jewel nestled in a housing area. The cafe offers yummy juices, gluten-free bread, delicious salads and a variety of savoury and sweet dishes; gluten, dairy and egg-free. It’s a great place to eat and also to stock up on your organic staples as there are shelves of the good stuff just waiting for you to take them home. You can also get your supplements there as Organica carries some of the more difficult-to-find ones that you would otherwise have to order from abroad like Metagenics and Thorne. And you can get yourself a bag of Melbourne-produced Chai Walli tea to enjoy in your favourite mug at home.

Organica has limited seating so be prepared to wait if you drop by during a busy period. You could always keep yourself occupied by browsing the shelves! If you’re not sure what to order, try the Choc-Maca pancakes, Quinoa Lemak or the Veggie Goodness.

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3. Dish by Ili

Dish by Ili

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Food delivered in tiffin carriers is reminiscent of the good old days and it adds a rather charming touch to a meal. Dish by Ili forgoes the usual plastic containers that most restaurants and food delivery services use and this makes a difference to the quality of food; the flavour is retained better (it is also better for the environment – less plastic!). Chef Ili provides wholesome home-cooked meals that are simply delicious, and the best part is, she can customise a dish for you should you have any special dietary needs. Chef Ili provides a weekly menu on her Facebook page and you choose your meal, as well as decide on a small (2-3 pax) or large (4-6 pax) order. These tiffin meals are ideal for you to share with friends or family. And although she offers some yummy desserts, she’s still experimenting with her recipes to provide gluten-free and vegan-friendly desserts in the future.

Dish by Ili’s menu changes all the time which is good as you get variety, and which is bad if you really love something and are waiting impatiently for it to be on the menu again! If you get the chance, do try the Roast Chicken Medallions, Quinoa salad with hummus, Green Beans cooked Turkish style with Tomatoes; highly recommended.

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Be LOHAS is a spin-off from the successful BMS Organics chain – supplier of healthy organic vegetarian food products. LOHAS is an acronym for “Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability” which is what the founders of the café are trying to give their customers. If you think this means just raw vegetables and salads, you’re way off the mark. This café features a fairly extensive menu with a great range of healthy and tasty Asian dishes; you can choose from snacks to main meals, to set meals comprising of rice, noodles, pasta and even ‘steak’! There is also a kid’s menu for your little ones. You also have a choice of delicious juices and ice-blended beverages to choose from. 

Try their Asam Laksa Vermicelli Soup or the Organic Soya Milk Curry Laksa; even those resistant to healthy eating have been known to swallow their words (while enjoying these delightful dishes). The Lei Cha also comes highly recommended. If you’re a vegetarian food ‘virgin’, Be LOHAS is a good place to start. And if you order a main meal, you will be gifted with two tablets of spirulina tablets and warm ginger tea before you start your meal for added nutrients and to aid with digestion. And give their Summer Fruit Tea a try; delicious and so refreshing.

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5. Ashley’s by Living Foods


Ashley’s by Living Foods is another great find for healthy eaters out there. The restaurant has a lovely and comfortable layout and the staff helpful and attentive.

The menu offers an impressive range of healthy dishes; from raw foods that cater to the more extreme healthy types, to healthier versions of our local Malaysian dishes for those who are easing into healthier diets. The vegan laksa and the vegan nasi kerabu are great choices for first-timers, or you could try the Flexitarian Nasi Kerabu which is served with Chicken Rendang. Other dishes worth mentioning are the Red Vege Burger, Living Parfait, the Quinoa Sushi. If you’d like to play it really safe, they have sandwiches too. They also have wonderful green smoothies and juices for you to wash your food down with. If you have special dietary needs, they will try to accommodate your request to the best of their ability.

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6. Sitka


Although Sitka may not necessarily be considered an outright healthy restaurant, it has made this list as they use fresh local produce and are able to cater to health and dietary needs.  Sitka’s menu provides guests with tasty options and as the menu is constantly evolving, you may be presented with more different choices on your next visit. The meals are light (some may find them too light) and you may want to order more than one item to satiate that hunger. If you’re a small eater though, they’re perfect for you. An example of what’s on offer is the Steamed Baos; they are served with either softshell crab, fried chicken or Korean brisket – sandwich-style. The tacos are also a popular choice with beef, fish, lamb or mushroom fillings. Salads are also on offer, of course. The dinner menu is a little more exciting with dishes such as smoked duck, Angus beef, scallops and duck egg on offer. And it’s worth mentioning the beautiful presentation.

Sitka will also accommodate your dietary requests without compromising on taste.

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7. Simple Life


Simple Life takes pride in serving meals that are organic, natural and nutritious. The restaurant focuses on meals that are delectable and beneficial to one’s health. The menu offers noodles, rice, multigrain porridge, salads, healthy bread and organic desserts, just to name a few and there is quite a good variety for each category.

Do try the Assam Fish dish; that gets two thumbs up! And the nasi lemak is also a good choice. Other things you may want to try are the organic beancurd hotpot, mixed mushroom paste with multigrain rice and mini steamboat with miso soup. And the lei cha has also received rave reviews! The portions at the Simple Life are also quite generous so you get your money’s worth.

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Do try these places out and let us know your verdict. And if they don’t deliver to your area, fret not. You can always use to have the food picked up and delivered to your doorstep.

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