My Top 3 Healthy Places To Eat In Koh Samui
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My Top 3 Healthy Places To Eat In Koh Samui


5 December 2015


My favorite island by far is Koh Samui. You have the infrastructure and modern amenities while still being able to enjoy the somewhat quiet and peaceful island life with nice long runs on the beaches, cycling along its pathways, going diving and of course, savouring its food! I have a few favourites picked out and perhaps you could try them out on your next visit.

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Spa Resort Lamai


My favorite place to stay is at Lamai Beach as that’s where this resort is located. Apart from healthy fare such as super smoothies and raw vegan options, the resort also serves egg dishes and beer! So while you can be healthy, you can also indulge a little bit – the best of both worlds! And whichever one you are enjoying, you get to do it while sitting on the beach with your toes in the sand… simply blissful. If you’d like to be a little more active, the resort offers yoga classes and also cooking classes so you can go home more limber and with a few new recipes under your belt. One thing about the resort (which is famous for its detox programmes) that greatly amused me is that the waiters wear shirts that say “Shit Happens”. Health and humour – truly memorable!

Vikasa Life Café


A place with a beautiful view while you enjoy the breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet, or even the ala carte options. The menu boasts delicious healthy and organic food such as steamed pumpkin and fruits with coconut yoghurt, just to name a couple. Located between Lamai and Chaweng, it has the most stunning view which you can enjoy during the day lounging comfortably on beanbags, or the evenings sitting out on the terrace.

The Yogi Café


The Yogi Café at Bophut has cold pressed juices, smoothies, salads that you can create yourself and some wraps which are mostly raw. Although the food and presentation are great, it doesn’t really have much to offer view-wise, hence why it’s number three on my list.

The seafood restaurants at Bophut are worth a mention. After dragging my friend with me to all the raw and vegan restaurants that I could find, we decided to check out what Bophut is famous for – it’s fresh seafood. We enjoyed a huge plate of freshly caught and grilled seafood (I ate 120g of protein in this one meal alone!) together with some veggies. It was an amazing dinner and I would highly recommend it if you love seafood.


Thailand being Thailand, you can find fresh fruit sold on the streets, stir-fried veggies, cashew with veggies, cashew chicken, coconut water and a whole host of other healthy and delicious dishes practically everywhere you go. So keep your eyes open for small markets and stalls by the street side when you visit the island to score yourself some scrumptious food that won’t cost the earth. Some of the best places in my opinion are Chaweng (more a party town), Lamai (calmer and healthier options) and Bophut (The ‘Fisherman’s Village” and famous for its seafood).