Best Plant Based Burgers in South East Asia Part 2
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Best Plant Based Burgers in South East Asia Part 2

Due to popular demand, we’re back with our second installment of our picks of the best plant-based burgers in Southeast Asia. These carefully hand-picked list of six will be so lip-smacking, it’ll go straight to your heart. You can thank us later!

1. Nom Nom Burger @ NomVNom - Singapore

NomVNom makes twelve varieties of vegetarian burgers. Their patties are made in-house using soy, potatoes, mixed vegetables and mushrooms. Burgers are a tough catergory to compete with in Singapore considering all the great contenders, but NomVNom does a great job with theirs.

2. “Pulled Pork” Burger @ Veganerie Concept - Bangkok

This stylish restaurant offers it’s rendition of dishes that typically contain meat - but with wonderful substitutes that certainly don’t skim on taste. The “Pulled Pork” Burger is of course vegan; filled with deliciously smoky mushrooms, this version of the classic pulled pork sandwich certainly looks like it contains regular meat, but the taste is different, and lip smacking.

3. Kobe’s Favourite Burger @ Vegan SF - Hong Kong

Kobe beef but vegan - never thought that sentence could be said, right? Compassionate animal lovers can get “meaty” burgers with vegan mayonnaise, dairy-free milkshakes. Sounds as heavenly as it tastes, guaranteed. Kobe's Favourite Burger is a plant-based beef patty with tangy house bbq sauce.

4. 853  Burger @ Cha Bei - Macau

The world famous plant-based “bleeding” burger by Impossible Foods make’s it’s debut in Asia’s top resort, Galaxy Macau in restaurant Cha Bei.  Cha Bei is a venue focused on wellness and conscious living, and their 853 Burger will contain patties supplied by Impossible Foods, containing vegan meat. 

5. Mushroom Beyond Meat Burger @ TGI Friday - Taipei

Another “bleeding” situation happening, this time in Taiwan. The vegan patty is said to cook, taste and look just like a beef patty. The TGI Friday chain will stock the patty from the Impossible Foods and serve vegan burgers as a “Mushroom Beyond Meat Burger '' seasoned and panfried, with salad greens. Option to remove bun and truffle mayonnaise to make your meal 100% vegan.

6. Chloe’s Earth Burger @ KGB = Kuala Lumpur

KGB originally started as a regular burger joint but soon introduced vegetarian options. We like their Chloe’s Earth Burger, because it comprises of a black bean and pistachio patty burger. The word tasty does not do it justice. 

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