6 Healthy Places to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Kuala Lumpur
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6 Healthy Places to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Kuala Lumpur


9 January 2016


With the proliferation of local eating establishments dedicated to serving clean, natural, organic and vegan meal options to the increasingly health-conscious Malaysian, we can’t exactly leave out the flourishing finish to any good meal – the much-loved dessert!

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Although desserts and sweet treats have gained nasty reputations for being calorific and ‘aiding’ in the piling on of excess weight, fret not, as PurelyB has discovered several gems hidden throughout Kuala Lumpur where you can get your guilt-free sweet tooth fixes.

1. Raisin' the Roof


Raisin' the Roof's tantalizing Purple Pecan Pie has a distinctive, dairy-free filling of purple sweet potato paste. The top secret recipe that calls for several sweet and creamy ingredients that make up this gluten-free treat ensures that it is not only scrumptious, it’s a guilt-free, nutritious indulgence too!


The dairy-free, egg-free and refined sugar-free Nutella cupcakes are also delicious and definitely worth a try. Raisin’ the Roof has a whole range of healthy, natural, gluten-free and vegan treats for both mains and desserts for you to choose from. Check out this healthy eats establishment for plenty of clean eating options.

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2. Rubberduck


One of Rubberduck’s all-time bestsellers is their Mango-Chia Seed Pudding. Made from a simple trio of fresh mango purée, chia seeds and fresh coconut milk, the pudding is mellow and not too tangy, and creamy without it being too heavy on the palate.

Rubberduck also serves raw cakes such as Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies, which are gluten, dairy, egg and refined sugar-free, while its delicious tropical treat of Raw Pina Colada Cake is a great vegan choice.

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3. Real Food


Why not end your meal with a couple of scoops of brown rice ice-cream? For those who love ice cream, this is a healthier alternative and you won’t have to feel guilty about satisfying your sweet tooth with this dessert.

Health By Chocolate is simply a must-try! It is a creamy chocolate mousse-like dessert that sits atop a date and almond base. Made with avocado and raw cacao, its decadent richness will appeal to even the most averse to healthy eating! This chocolate dessert is gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free.

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4. Ashley’s by Living Food


The Organic Apple Crumble is made with organic apples, and the crumbly topping has a nice crunch and texture to it courtesy of the oats and whole grains in it. The chunky, ample amounts of apples, caramelised with gula melaka and sprinkled with oat nut crumble make for a very hearty yet satisfying dessert. It is one of the many vegetarian options available at Ashley’s by Living Food.

Living Chocolate Tart is dubbed so as it is a raw vegan dessert. It’s a decadent, rich dark chocolate tart with a macadamia and walnut crust. The macadamia nut base is soft enough to provide a good bite along with the chocolate, but yet firm enough to hold the chocolate in place. The lush consistency of the chocolate pairs exceptionally well with the crispy macadamia nut base and there is a good balance of flavours and textures.

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5. RGB & The Bean Hive


The gluten-free Moroccan Orange Spice Cake is proving to be one of the most popular items on the menu. Whole almonds are soaked overnight, skinned, milled, and used as the cake base, and the citrus syrup that comes on the side provides a sweet, tangy glaze that compliments the slight nuttiness of the cake.

More of RGB and The Hive’s offerings include vegan desserts, and what’s more killer a combination than vegan waffles with vegan ice cream? Although the range of the daily selection varies, coconut and vanilla soy ice cream are always readily available.

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6. Eat with Mune


The buckwheat pancake is made with organic buckwheat flour and chocolate protein powder, topped with yogurt, honey and peanut butter (with no added sugar), berries and banana drizzled with dark chocolate. The healthier counterpart of the everyday pancake, it’s a filling and delicious alternative.

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