Dave Catudal
Dave Catudal

Dave Catudal

Health & Wellness Director (Nutrition & Fitness Coach)

Dave is a celebrity fitness trainer, certified nutrition consultant, and international health educator who has dedicated the last 14 years of his life to wellness and optimising human performance. From professional athletes, top models and Hollywood celebrities, to busy parents and professionals, Dave has personally helped thousands of people to realise their holistic wellness and aesthetic physical goals.

He is the author of “The Physique Transformation Book - A complete guide to optimal health and a better body”. His methods of teaching emphasise organic nutrition along with an active and balanced lifestyle, while incorporating positive thinking and stress reduction techniques to compliment the mind-body connection.

While studying Kinesiology in University, Dave quickly became known as a “Physique Transformation Specialist” - a title that has stuck till today. Since then, he has helped create and develop specialised wellness programmes and fitness centers in Canada, America and Asia, while providing health consulting services to clients worldwide.

“My passion to educate people about achieving a balanced state of health and wellbeing comes from a very personal place. Approaching my teenage years, my younger brother was diagnosed with cancer. He fought leukaemia for over four years, finally becoming cancer-free at age nine. Several years later, my father was diagnosed with stage three adenocarcinoma and cancer took his life less than a year later.

These life-changing events sparked my desire to learn everything available about preventative disease and illness prevention. This led me to living and teaching the ways of embracing nature’s miracles with its infinite healing properties and life-giving energy.

Now, here I am in my early 30s, an experienced wellness professional who has spent the past 14 years researching, training and travelling the world to experience and observe life and health from different perspectives.

My adult life has been completely dedicated to LIVING health, practicing cutting-edge advances in sports sciences and teaching my refined methods of organic healthy living.

I believe that balance and awareness are the keys to a healthy body and peaceful mind. Initially, this requires a shift in mindset from ‘I should start taking better care of myself’ to ‘I must start taking better care of myself.’ I am here to help you on that journey - I was born to guide people towards the path of optimal health to achieve a healthier body and a more positive and productive lifestyle. This is what I live for!”

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