Your 4-Step Formula to Lose Weight, Feel Fantastic & Enjoy Radiant Health in 30 Days or Less
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We get it! Eating healthy in Asia can seem difficult, expensive, time consuming and boring. But not to worry, PurelyB has dedicated itself to help you and your family achieve a sustainable, healthy life in Asia without denying your taste buds and without having to spend hours a day in the gym.

Which is why we’re hosting a FREE online workshop with Health & Wellness Director, Carina Lipold.

In this online workshop Carina reveals her simple, proven 4-step formula specifically formulated to fit the Asian tastes and lifestyle to heal your body inside and out, lose excess weight, and finally feel and look your very best!

Meet Your Expert: Carina Lipold

Carina Lipold

NLP Practitioner, Obesity Trainer, MA in Health Management

Being born with an autoimmune disease herself, Carina’s fascination in healthy eating and living began as a child and she has pursued it ever since. This has led her to become a trained NLP Practitioner, Pilates Coach and Obesity Trainer, with a Masters in Health Management.

After moving from Europe to Malaysia, with a few stops in between, Carina Lipold quickly realised that it was impractical to sustain a healthy eating plan in the exact same way she was used to in Europe. This is because the healthy ingredients easily available in the West are expensive and sometimes difficult to obtain in Malaysia.

Carina quickly learned how to adapt and replace these Western ingredients with local ones which were equally as healthy but much more readily available, and successfully healed her health issues while living in Asia.

Having fallen in love with the delicious cuisines of Southeast Asia after 5 years of living here, Carina intimately understands why many locals struggle to lead a healthy eating plan. She has since imparted her knowledge of local healthy adaptations to help hundreds of her local clients implement healthy eating without eliminating their favourite local dishes and without breaking the bank.

Carina Lipold
Carina Lipold Nutrition, Fitness & Obesity Coach
Carina Lipold
Carina Lipold

See the Results! How Carina has helped these women transform their lives

Your 4-Step Formula to Lose Weight, Feel Fantastic & Enjoy Radiant Health in 30 Days or Less with our Health & Wellness Director, Carina Lipold

Find out how you can solve your digestive problems and boost your energy levels without dieting, sacrificing your favourite Asian meals or spending hours in the gym.

Thursday, 21 December at 9:00 pm UTC (GMT+8)

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