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Ho Sze Kaye

Ho Sze Kaye

Digital Marketing Specialist

When Sze Kaye launched into the Marketing space, her work capsule wasn't at a huge corporate firm. Instead, she found herself strategically positioned at what to her was the best digital consulting agency in town. In her three years there, her proudest achievement was bringing her colleagues together. Behind her quiet demeanour, her unique gift of bonding people saw her organising Halloween dress-ups, birthday pranks and even succeeding in getting her colleagues to complete a 30-day plank challenge which soon became a daily must-do in the office!

Outside the digital media sphere, Sze Kaye is passionate about eating healthy and has since become a vegetarian for ethical reasons. She eats more than just salads and has been prepping her meals daily for almost two years now. Her colleagues can attest to her delicious and vibrant-looking meals! Sze Kaye has a knack for transforming sinfully indulgent desserts into unexpectedly healthy versions! Ask her about her really yummy brownie.

For Sze Kaye, working out is a big part of being healthy. Her ‘sweatfies’ chronicle her BBG workout journey which she has been doing religiously for over a year and half now. Through her IG account, she hopes to continue inspiring others with her positive vibes, healthy self-image and workout videos. During her free time, she enjoys discovering new ingredients, recipes and expanding her knowledge in nutrition and fitness.

When the opportunity to join PurelyB came knocking on her door, she was excited at the prospect of using her skills in digital marketing combined with her passion for a healthy lifestyle that PurelyB advocates. Together with the team, she looks forward to building PurelyB to become synonymous with inspiring healthy living!

Follow Sze Kaye on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/sze-kaye-ho) or Instagram (www.instagram.com/_this.girl.can/).