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Farhana for Banyan Tamarind Foods

Banyan Tamarind Foods

Banyan Tamarind Foods was inspired by a beautiful project started in India, called The Banyan Tamarind Initiative. The work sets out to shift the education of the environment, from cities to villagers, where the biggest shift in environmental protection is set to take place. Banyan Tamarind Foods began serving delicious gourmet vegetarian cuisine, fast food style, in 2016. The food has since been successfully served at over 30 events, and has grown through word-of-mouth and recommendations. Finding flavors, colors and textures from world gourmet, like the streets of Mexico, to the countertops of Tokyo, combining different ingredients, which come together in a scrumptious and finger-licking meal, is the map for every dish. Every bite is filled with adventure, bringing an experience of a journey into eating. During the meal, one stops to discover something new, or revisits something familiar. The food is comforting, as well as being delightfully delicious!