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Nindyo Hapsari

Editorial & Digital Content Intern

Nindyo is a writer at heart, musician at soul, and an adventurist exploring planet Earth. Having recently finished her Master's degree in Media & Public Relations at the University of Leicester, she found her passion in writing as a source of therapy. A majority of her writing is expressed through music, in which she writes her own lyrics composed into smooth jazz-like (with a tinge of pop) melodies.

As a regular performer on stage, she believes to feel confident, one has to feel good both on the outside as well as on the inside. This involves finding a lifestyle balance, not only keeping a positive mindset but also a healthy diet fused with regular exercise. As someone who went through weight loss herself, Nindyo realised that unhealthy fad diets are toxic to both your body and mental health. With this in mind, she could not be happier to start her journey with PurelyB as she believes in their mission to promote health and wellness.

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