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Claire Wong


An easygoing girl with a degree in Dietetics from International Medical University, Malaysia, Claire is a person who believes that laughter is the best cure next to clean and wholesome meals, and sweating it out three times a week. Her experiences with patients in hospitals and clinics throughout her years of studies and clinical placement have strengthened her determination in advocating healthy diets and better lifestyles – she believes that ‘health is the real wealth’. She is a member of the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association.

When searching for a place to work, Claire felt that she found the perfect fit in PurelyB with like-minded peers working towards the common goal of healthier lifestyles – not just for themselves but for everyone. The positive vibes and exchanging of knowledge is something she relishes, and she appreciates the exciting opportunities there are out there to help craft and drive the holistic lifestyle of many around the world.

When she's not answering the common "How do I lose weight?" or "How do I build up my muscles?" questions, you can find her whipping up delicious and wholesome treats, with her nose buried in a good book with a cup of hot chocolate, dancing in her bedroom, or watching food channels in search of new recipes. She also shares her experiences and knowledge on her lifestyle blog www.GiantCookieJar.com with her best friend.

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