PurelyB Healthy Lifestyle

Annabelle Yeoh

Annabelle is the face behind TheGreenBaker - an aspiring healthy baking endeavor.

Growing up with seafood allergies and being lactose intolerant, she has always enjoyed discovering the ways food can heal and provide the fuel she needed as she was training as a state swimmer. In 2008, she became a vegetarian after witnessing the mistreatment of animals while working as a food and travel journalist in the US.At this time, she was also training for marathons and knew she had to obtain ample nutrition for her active lifestyle without the use of pills. And so a life-long passion and research began for healthy yet delicious food combinations. Experimenting with flavours and seasonal ingredients brought her solstice and a creative palate like never before, disproving the popular misconception that vegetarian food is “tasteless, bland, and depriving of oneself”. With the aim of getting certified as a Health Coach this year, her food philosophy is simple: Food should taste good and make you feel good - untainted, pure, and simple.