PurelyB Spins and Grooves at FLYCYCLE

PurelyB Spins and Grooves at FLYCYCLE


18 October 2016


Enter a dark room illuminated with streaks of neon lights, techno music and a huge cinematic-sized mirror. Make no mistake, this is a state-of-art workout space designed to create an experience like never before!

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Decked in our superhero-themed sporting outfits, the PurelyB team headed to a funky sweat club a stone’s throw away, one recent evening after work. Anticipation peaked as we were greeted with these inviting words, ‘Free Your Soul, Ride As One’. Stepping into the arena, buckled in uniquely designed shoes and seated secure in our well-positioned Schwinn bike seats, we were definitely in for a ride of our lives!

Our friendly instructor, Alando led us in a 45-minute crescendo session of adrenaline-pumping moves. This indoor cycling was no ordinary get-your-legs-into-motion and hold-onto-the-handles sweat session. With each move carefully choreographed, we soon found ourselves grooving to surround sound high-energy beats, spinning like crazy and pumping our arms against varying levels of resistance and lifting weights! All these while working on our upper body strength, engaging our core and our legs, most definitely. Cycling combined with upper body moves was absolute FUN! Who knew?

To watch the team moving in sync in this head-to-toe workout was an amazing spectacle! So much electrifying energy and endorphins flowing in the room, injected with tonnes of motivating, fun and positive vibes! A spinsation, no doubt! Our heart rates were on a new high, temperatures were rising (in a good way, of course) and yes, we were perspiring buckets!

Behind the upbeat, energising and challenging moves, this sweat sesh was also a time to zone out from the noises of life. Almost like a transcendic experience, the workout facilitated a time for each individual to clear their mind, focus on improving themselves, define new limits, get in tune with themselves with every pedal stroke and motion - from sole to soul.

We certainly walked away on a high – feeling empowered, closer and happy! Burning thighs but all smiles!

Our FLYCYCLE Experience left us saying:

Credit: Instagram / @jessarshad

“Cycling on its own can be quite monotonous as often there’s too much focus on the legs. FLYCYCLE takes the monotony away by adding in upper body moves as well as core exercises thus giving you a complete body workout. The great music and instructor are also key players in making the experience awesome. I definitely recommend it.” - Marissa

“Loved working out to the beat! Alando was good at pushing us to ride harder and I felt every part of my body being worked!” – Jean

“It was a fun group workout. Something different than regular gym classes.” – Sze Kaye

“Flycycling ain't just about speed or how far you can go. Rather it’s a journey filled with moments and memories that you create with a bunch people without even realising. Cherish these memories when you can.” – Jester

Why not join this community and ride as one?

Head over to FLYCYCLE, located at Verve Shops, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. This new breed of workout has definintely broken out into the fitness scene with style! This was the brainchild of 3 buddies whose common vision was to create an experience that would leave you inspired, energised and hooked. Their planning and ideas culminated in an all-in-one fitness routine that combined cardio, dancing, spinning and rocking body movements. Free your soul, ride as one – are you ready?

Classes are available from 7am to 9pm daily. Check out the schedule provided on their website. In true flying fashion, you’ll get to select your seat in the class of your choice.

If you’re eagerly wondering what a session looks like, you’re in for a treat! Presenting The Fly Crew:

For more details, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and website.

Check out FLYCYCLE with your buddies and experience it for yourself - you'll love it!

Stay tuned for FLYCYCLE's 2 free passes giveaway exclusively for PurelyB readers! More details coming soon on our Facebook page!