Your Complete Guide to Ramadan
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Your Complete Guide to Ramadan


12 April 2021


It feels like 2021 just started but in fact, Ramadan is right around the corner already. Yearly, Muslims around the world abstain from water and food from sahur to iftar. This practice lasts for an entire month and can be difficult to adjust to. Although fasting is challenging, it’s immensely beneficial to the body, which is why every religion and culture incorporates some form of fasting. Better brain functioning, a boost in immunity, and weight loss are a few of the many, possible benefits.

So if you will be fasting this year, push through the hunger pangs by remembering that your body is improving in health. Of course, the way you approach fasting determines how you will feel by the end of the month - physically and spiritually. Besides connecting with your body, the holy month of Ramadan is also about connecting with your community and practicing good deeds; such as donating to charity. 

To prepare you for Ramadan, we've compiled useful information to help you navigate through it with ease. Regardless of if you’re fasting for the first time or have been fasting for years, the resources provided below will ensure that you get the most out of this special time without comprising on your wellbeing. 


1. How to stay hydrated

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Non-muslims will always be most shocked by the fact that Muslims refrain from drinking while fasting. However, it’s more than possible, as you may know, and undertaking water fasts is a practice continuously gaining in popularity. In order to stay hydrated during fasting hours, here’s what you need to know:


2. What essentials to shop during Ramadan

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If you partake in sahur, then what you eat before you start fasting will literally impact your entire day. While overeating may seem like the answer, it will actually make fasting that much harder - especially if you’re consuming fried or highly-processed food during sahur. To avoid feeling energy-less and even cranky, make sure to purchase these items during your next grocery haul.


3. What To Eat During Ramadan

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While fasting may be the perfect reason to indulge in every craving, doing so will only reverse the benefits - meaning your hard work would have been for nothing! Know that you can still give in to cravings and enjoy what is on offer at (virtual) Ramadan bazaars. To reap the rewards of fasting, just know what to pick by learning about what’s healthy and what’s not.


4. What to cook during Ramadan: Recipe Ideas

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Considering how Malaysia is still under lockdown and how working from home is still a norm, use the situation to your advantage. Cooking healthy yet delicious meals for yourself can be a much-needed act of self-love or a charitable act, too. If you know of communities in need near you, why not cook some snacks for them or donate (edible) leftovers? 


5. Tips For A Healthy Ramadan 

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The month of Ramadan does not have to be synonymous with feeling anything but 100%. If you’re doing it right, you’ll be surprised at how much energy you can have without water or food. Think you’re doing it wrong? Then read these tips for a healthy Ramadan.


6. Working Out During Ramadan

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Fasting shouldn’t stop you from exercising but it should definitely change how you exercise. Instead of working out intensely, you can use the month of April to focus on minor muscles through Pilates or on stretching through yoga. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then here’s how you can keep the adrenaline pumping.


7. Ramadan During A Pandemic 

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Life is about expanding perspectives, so even though Ramadan is occurring yet again during a lockdown, it’s simply another opportunity to switch mindsets. Normally, the fasting month in Kuala Lumpur entails back-to-back traffic, but if you’re working from home, you can avoid that.

During this new normal, use your (extra) time to really focus on yourself. 


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Wishing you & your family a blessed Ramadan