Say Hello to the New Wave of H20: Ionized Water
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Say Hello to the New Wave of H20: Ionized Water


31 July 2019


Good health is something everyone strives for. We’re all on a mission to optimise our health, adopt healthier habits, exercise more, etc. But a major player in maintaining good health begins with what we consume on a daily basis, including the foods we eat, and especially the water we drink. 

Water plays an immense role in a healthy body! After all, our bodies are made up of nearly 60 per cent water. Not only does water keep us hydrated, but it also helps flush out nasty toxins, all while maintaining a wide range of bodily functions each and every day. Which is why it’s so important to consider the quality of the water you’re drinking, as well as the type of water. 

Not All Water Is Created Equal

You may be wondering what we mean by “type” of water. The quality of water you consume - mineral, purified, tap - is often unknown. And many water purifiers can’t completely eliminate invisible impurities or harmful substances that may jeopardise health longterm. Plus, it’s often hard to ensure the water we’re drinking supports a healthy pH balance within the body. We don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like #healthgoals to us.

So, how can we be more conscious and confident about the water we’re drinking and using in our homes? We’ve recently discovered Panasonic’s range of Alkaline Water Ionizers for the home, and honestly, we’re obsessed! Their multifunctional in-home alkaline ionizers are the best choice for turning potentially harmful tap water into clean, safe alkaline ionized water (with six different pH values) in the press of a button. 

Why Does pH Matter? 

Every food and drink we consume has a pH level, which can range from 0 (very acidic) to 14 (very alkaline, or basic) - and everything we consume directly affects our body’s natural pH balance. In order to keep us healthy, our bodies biologically maintain just the right internal conditions, like the concentration of electrolytes, body temperature, and pH. (For reference, the human body’s natural pH hovers around pH 7.4, while the skin is pH 5.3.)

It is believed by many health professionals that maintaining a balanced pH within the body is a major factor in overall health - and things such as environmental toxins and impurities can make the body more acidic, which may ultimately weaken the immune system, making you more susceptible to disease. One easy way to counteract an unbalanced pH is to drink plenty of water, ideally alkaline ionized water. And Panasonic’s Alkaline Water Ionizers makes getting enough of the right type of water a whole lot easier.

How Does the Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer Work? 

Panasonic’s Alkaline Ionizers turn your regular tap water into ultra-purified, high-quality water by firstly removing any residual water and impurities. The purified water is then electrolyzed by positive and negative electrodes to create water that not only tastes great but is free of unwanted substances and bacteria.

Their range of Alkaline Ionizers also offers a variety of pH value settings that are optimised to improve your everyday activities, like cooking and cleaning. With four levels of alkaline (8.5pH, 9.0pH, 9.5pH; 10.0 pH), weak acidic (5.5pH), acidic (3.0pH) and simple purified ionized water to choose from, Panasonic’s multi-functional water solution is there to help you and your family live healthier lives inside and out. 

What Are the Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water?

In addition to being a cleaner, safer and higher quality water option, Panasonic’s Alkaline Water Ionizers offer some other great benefits, too! 

Improved Gastrointestinal Health: The pH 9.5 (Alkaline 3) alkalized water has shown to improve gastrointestinal symptoms, improve bowel movements and alleviate discomfort in the stomach. Their system even offers levels of alkaline if you’re new to alkalized water, so you can slowly introduce your body to more alkaline water for gastrointestinal support!

Gentle on Skin: The weakly acidic (pH 5.5) water has nearly the same pH as skin, making it the favourable option for your everyday skincare routine. You may experience less irritation, sensitivity and overall dryness when you wash with properly balanced water. 

Better-Tasting Food: Alkaline ionized water will even make your food taste better by bringing out more of the natural flavour in your food, softening and tenderising, and removing unwanted astringent flavours.

  • pH 9.5: Help to draw out that savoury umami flavour we all know and love. This level is perfect for making strong teas and flavourful stocks. 

  • pH 9.0 - pH 9.5: Helps to soften tough fibres in food, which is especially useful when cooking items like meats and rice. You can expect more tender, flavourful dishes with maximum umami!

  • pH 10.0: Helps to remove astringent tastes from fruits and vegetables. Vegetables like spinach and other bitter greens benefit greatly from a soak in alkaline ionized water as it draws out any harsh taste, resulting in more delicious food for you and your family! 

Interested in upgrading your water - and health - with a Panasonic Alkaline Water Ionizer? Check out their full range of ionizers here


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