Listen To Her Heart: 5 Things Your Mum Wants You To Know
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Listen To Her Heart: 5 Things Your Mum Wants You To Know


7 May 2016


Since you were born, there’s one person who never for a day would burden you with her worries. No matter where she is, what she is doing, or whatever position she is in, her one goal remains – to always give her child(ren) the best she can.

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Ever thought how the world would be like without Mums?

I recently interviewed five Mums from various walks of life, asking them the one thing they would want their kids to know. Guess what? They all had a similar initial response!

“How could I just share one thing when I have so many things I want my children to know?”

That’s a mother’s heart for you.

We’d like to share five important things that your Mum wished you knew.

1. Your character matters above all

“Academic and financial success is meaningless if a person doesn’t have a good character. I would want my children to be guided by good values and live by them.” – Ms Yeow, housewife

2. Be better than you were yesterday

“If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it is to never compare yourself to others; instead, look up to those that inspire you to be a better person.” - Ms Marissa, multiple business entrepreneur

3. Choose to be happy and live with no regrets

“I’ve heard the quote – happiness is a choice, and I think it is so true. In our normal daily lives, our moods can turn sour but why be angry, upset, and unhappy? Aren’t those a waste of time? Get a grip and choose to be happy!” – Ms Khoo, general manager

4. Be confident in yourself

“I would want my children to know that confidence is the key to success. Being constantly worried if you got something right will weigh you down with unnecessary pressure. Chin up and go for it! You can do it!” – Ms Ngee, housewife

5. Failure is not the end of the world

“Failure doesn’t mean it’s the end. Be bold, pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and move on.” – Ms Tan, Chemistry and Science Secondary School Teacher

Reading these surely warmed my heart! Show this to your Mum – she would surely nod in agreement with the above statements and share more with you. When was the last time you had a good, heart-to-heart talk with your Mum? The best gift you can give to your Mum is to listen.

Make this Mother’s Day a meaningful one - take time to appreciate the woman you affectionately call your Mum, Mom, Mummy or Mama, or a woman you look up to like a mother.

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