B Healthy Show Episode 8 – The Older Generation
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B Healthy Show Episode 8 – The Older Generation


8 October 2016


This week’s episode of B Healthy takes a look at the older generation and also how to take care of yourself when you’re at a more mature age.

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We can all be pretty set in our ways and this is even more apparent in the older generation such as our parents and grandparents. Getting them to change their ways or to try new things can be quite a task, especially when it comes to food. Try getting your parents or grandparents to give up their nasi lemak for a chia seed pudding and you’ll know what we mean!

In this episode, Chef Nik Michael and his dad Chef Dato’ Nik Ezar demonstrate a few healthy dishes that can be enjoyed by both the older and younger generation. The father and son team will be teaching you how to make a quick and healthy pasta dish and also a delicious salad that will even appeal to those who have to be forced to eat their greens!

As we grow older, our muscle mass and bone density start to decrease and we will start to lose a lot of our sense of balance and notice more aches and pains. Exercising regularly will help to build up your muscles which in turn will help with your balance too, resulting in less injuries. PurelyB’s Health and Wellness Director Carina Lipold will demonstrate a few low-impact exercises suitable for the older generation which will help with mobility and balance.

PurelyB’s Naturopath Amanda Teh also makes an appearance on this week’s episode to tell us about some of the issues that the elderly may face such as lack of sleep and forgetfulness. She also presents some foods that one can take to combat these issues.

Don’t forget to catch this episode of B Healthy on Sunday (9th October 2016) at 7pm (GMT +8). For our viewers worldwide, watch the show on Astro Gempak and for those in Malaysia, tune in to Astro Bella (Channel 133) and Astro Mustika HD (Channel 134).

Watch B Healthy’s Episode 8 trailer below: