B Healthy Show Episode 3 - Single and Fabulous
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B Healthy Show Episode 3 - Single and Fabulous


3 September 2016


This week’s episode of B Healthy is dedicated to all the single people out there. Yes, you’re enjoying life but like everyone else, you’re probably facing some challenges when it comes to keeping fit and healthy too!

Host Amelia Henderson takes you through some of the issues that you may encounter when it comes to attempting to be healthier, and of course, with the help of several guests, the solutions will be presented to you too.

On hand in this episode are PurelyB Health & Wellness Directors Marissa Parry and Amanda Teh who will be demonstrating some easy and healthy recipes for you to whip up in a jiffy, TV Host Reem Shahwa who shares some of her favourite workouts and gets tips from Amanda on how to keep her energy levels up naturally. Amelia also takes you for a quick workout and also a crossfit session at District 13.

If you’re a busy single person who intends to lead a healthier lifestyle, then don’t miss this episode – find plenty of tips and tricks to help you along!

Catch the third episode of B Healthy this Sunday (4th September 2016) at 7pm (GMT +8). For our viewers worldwide, watch the show on Astro Gempak and for those in Malaysia, tune in to Astro Bella (Channel 133) and Astro Mustika HD (Channel 134).

Watch B Healthy’s Episode 3 trailer below: