Active Fun For Kids in KL

Active Fun For Kids in KL


10 October 2015


Most mums know that a good night’s sleep, stress-free bedtime and not so ridiculous start time for the next day can be directly related to a good burst of healthy mental and physical exertion in our offspring. As such, we all have a fair amount of tools in our kit for this purpose. 

Mine include afternoons pretending to be sharks in the pool, to running around parks pretending to be dinosaurs (I make a rubbish dinosaur and shark, am a little bit too friendly).  Of course, there is always the soft play.

It’s worth knowing that there are cooler things your kids can do in this city (with or without your involvement or crazy role plays) that are good for their bodies, minds and often with benefits you won’t even see coming! 

Here are four to try:

1. JUMP STREET, Petaling Jaya (

I knew we were on to a winner with Jump Street when my husband returned from his first go looking rather sweaty, massively exhilarated (so did my daughter Holly of course) and with the declaration that next time he would wear gym kit.

Next time, I went too and totally got it. It’s not actually possible to throw yourself around a sequence of massive trampolines with your kids and feel a little bit glum. It’s awesome! You and your kids can simply jump, throw aerial shapes, launch yourselves into a foam pit with or without panache and have a go at Dodgeball (like spacemen on the moon!).

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Capoeira is an Afro‐Brazilian art form and its coolness cannot be questioned. The practice could be described as a martial art, a dance, a game, a sport or even a workout. I hadn’t heard of it before coming to Malaysia, but my daughter Holly, who is considerably cooler, has done it since she was a little over 3 years old and has loved every minute.

The brilliance of it really only sunk in during the amazing MSC’s annual festival earlier this year. Prior to this I confess, I’d always very secretly thought Holly’s enthusiasm exceeded any genius ability and I was fine with that. She was happy and active. During the festival’s Roda (a large circle inside which the game takes place to incredibly infectious drum and tambourine beats), without prompting, Holly stood up alongside the incredibly cool and talented Professor Rafael and performed perfect Ginga, Cocorinha and Chapa moves with the biggest smile on her face. I confess to a few tears of pride. I realised then, sometimes I look but I don’t always see my little girl.

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3. CAMP 5, 1 Utama,

With my eldest child at just over five, I’ve not yet been to Camp 5, but it’s definitely a case of waiting for the moment. Situated on the top floor of the 1 Utama mall, it is a 24-metre high extensive climbing centre with panoramic views of KL. Kids under eight go free and it claims to be a great venue for parties.

Imagine the chance to say “my kids are climbing up the walls” and it be a good thing!


Parkour is a form of training derived from the military. It involves getting from one place to another, often in a complex environment via running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping and rolling. Basically how the average kid goes about their day-to-day business!

Alpha Parkour Movements in KL is an organisation that will help channel this into something visually spectacular, controlled and beyond cool. Visit their Facebook page or website above for more information and some breathtaking videos.

So, if you ever find yourself in another soft play or on your hands and knees pretending to be a Diplodocus, remember: there is always another way.