A Worry-Free Bath Time For You And Your Baby

A Worry-Free Bath Time For You And Your Baby


1 April 2020


Bathing your newborn baby can be a whirlwind of fears and emotions. Although it’s normal to feel anxious about bath time - especially if you are a first-time parent - it doesn’t have to be.

Your newborn is home, and you are surrounded by peace and love - and terror during bath time. Trust us, we know the feeling. We’ve been there! To make matters worse, babies can scent their parents’ anxiety and might feel the same way, too. They are our mini versions of us, remember? So even if you get jitters just by thinking of holding your tiny human all covered with soap, you got to mum up.

It doesn’t matter if you are on day one or day 231, but if you’re still in distress and haven’t figured out why the baby is fussy every time you put her in her tub, we have three surefire ways to make bath time with your baby a breeze. And with one less thing to worry about, you can focus on providing the love and care that you were made to give.

Mise And Place Your Bath Time Gear

Mise and Place is a French culinary process that kitchen professionals use wherein ingredients are prepared and organized before cooking. You can do the same thing with your baby’s bath time essentials. That’s because bath time - like cooking - is all about preparation.

Make sure you have enough space around your baby’s tub or basin for all of your gear, toys and bath products. Everything should be within arm’s reach to avoid leaving the baby alone. Remember, your little bundle of joy relies on you for everything, so make sure to keep him safe at all times. 

Sing a soothing song

If your newborn is a little fussy during bath time, try singing. It will work wonders to make that anxiety disappear. 

You don’t need to sound like a true blue singer to make bath time oh-so-relaxing for your baby. You don’t even have to sing - you can just talk. And you don’t have to talk sense either, actually!

When your baby was still in your womb swimming in her amniotic fluid, she already got used to hearing your voice. So doing the same when she’s finally on this side of your belly can be a familiar experience for her. She just has to feel that there’s nothing to fear because her mummy will always be here. Sounds sweet, right? Better yet, it works!

Use baby products you can trust

So far so good. The key to a worry-free and relaxing bath time is trust. And when it comes to the products you use on baby’s skin, trust is just as important.

To establish a happy bath time routine, it’s important that the product you use for your baby’s delicate skin can maintain its soft and healthy glow. Take it from the experts and experienced moms. They all recommended tried-and-tested products that are perfectly suitable for babies such as Cetaphil Baby. In fact, in a survey conducted by Home Tester Club, 10/10 moms agree that Cetaphil baby Moisturizing Bath & Wash gently cleanses & moisturizes baby’s delicate skin. It has gentle ingredients that complement a mother’s loving touch and supports the skin’s natural development in its most vulnerable early stages. 

Trust Cetaphil Baby

With Cetaphil Baby, you can set your worries aside, mums. It contains ⅓ moisturizer with soothing aloe vera and almond oil leaving your baby’s skin soft and clean. And it contains nothing that can harm your baby’s sensitive skin. Below are more reasons to choose Cetaphil Baby for your little one:

  • Paraben-free

  • Soap-free

  • Tear-free

  • ph balanced

  • Hypoallergenic formula

  • Gently cleanses and moisturizes baby’s delicate skin

  • Paediatrician-recommended

We take the trust you put in Cetaphil seriously. That’s why Cetaphil Baby conducted an online survey with 200 paediatricians and dermatologics and found that paediatricians truly do recommend Cetaphil Baby.

This article originally appeared on The Asian Parent