7 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

7 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids


8 May 2016


It’s raining, the roads are jammed and the malls are crowded. If you want to keep your on-the-verge-of-getting-restless kids engaged in something fun, these boredom-busting craft and games ideas will come in handy!

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No mentions of classic favourites like Lego, boardgames and rainbow looms. Here are seven activities that you and your kids can enjoy indoors sans the TV, iPad or video games! What’s more, each activity helps your kids develop different sets of skills – from honing their musical skills to limb coordination, learning is best when it is fun!

1. Fruit and Vegetables stamping

This is a great conversation starter on how delicious and nutritious fruits and veggies are and how they can be used to make art! Be creative and use okras, onions, lemons, apples, celery, carrots, lotus root, cauliflowers, capsicum and unedible ends of bok choy – cut them lengthwise. Let your kids dip them in paint and stamp on! For more zany patterns, you can carve out patterns on potatoes to create more stamp designs. These art pieces will make great gift wrappers or nice house deco when you frame them up! Go beyond paper and let them design stamped aprons, cloth bags and even, t-shirts!

2. Indoor concert

Let your kids create a symphony with things around the house. You can use kitchenware like metal pot lids, sieves, trays, cups, bowls and food containers. Hand your little maestro(s) some spoons and listen to the enthusiastic tunes filling the air! Do a live recording session!

3. Treasure hunt

Everybody loves a treasure hunt! Write your clues on small pieces of paper and hide them in reachable spots around the house, creating a trail to the final clue. The ‘pot of gold’ can be reward coupons they get to redeem when they display good behavior throughout the week! Now, let the kids create the clues for you – you’ll be surprised with what they come up with!

4. Family Freeze!

Get the entire family involved in this fun workout! Choose your kids’ favourite songs and turn up the volume! Let everybody dance, jump, roll, twist. Parents, time to let your hair down too! Everybody freezes in whatever position they are in when the music stops. To amp things up, ask everyone to freeze in various poses – letters, shapes, animals or even yoga postures!

5. Indoor bowling

Set up a bowling alley in the comfort of your home! Just gather small, empty bottles and a rubber ball and bowl away! Fill them up with a little water, marbles or coins for some extra weight if the ‘bowling pins’ fall over too easily.

6. Painting

Bubble painting – Lay out old newspapers on the table for easy clean up. Mix a tablespoon of paint colour, two tablespoons of washing liquid and water in a cup. Give the tots straws to mix up five different water colour cups for a good variety. Once the bubbles rise to the rim of the cup, lay your paper over the bubbles, remove and repeat with a different colour. Easy, isn’t it? You can then cut various shapes in the centerfold of hard coloured paper and stick them over the bubble art pieces to make cards!

Blow painting – Let your child pick a paint colour and pour a tiny bit onto a piece of paper. Invite your child to blow the paint with a straw across the paper from different directions. Let him or her create beautiful artwork by blowing different colours and describe the painting afterwards!

7. Guess What It Is

Fill a bowl or container with various, safe-to-hold objects of different shapes, sizes and textures. Blindfold your child and let him or her sift their hands through and use their senses to describe the object and guess what it is! For an extra sensory challenge, set a time and see how many objects are guessed correctly!

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