Nourish Yourself - Not Just With Food
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Nourish Yourself - Not Just With Food


11 June 2015


We’ve all heard the quote “you are what you eat”. But in truth it’s not just what we eat that forms who we are, the way we feel and the way we look. We may not always be aware of it, but everything that we put in our bodies has an influence on us - and I’m not just talking about food! 

Eat natural and organic

…and you will look younger, have smoother skin, more energy and vitality! But how you ask?

Our bodies need vitamins and minerals in order to function properly. Foods like white rice and noodles don’t contain much of the micronutrients that our bodies require. This is why I like to call them “empty foods”. Our bodies are smart though - they can find ways to function without adequate nutrients with only mild consequences like skin problems, lack of energy and concentration. Then “suddenly” after 10 years of eating empty foods, diseases start appearing. It is the same as if you put diesel in a benzin car and started driving - would you be surprised when the engine suddenly stopped? No, of course not, because you pumped in the wrong fuel! That is the same with our nutrition. When our body doesn’t have the vitamins and minerals it needs, sooner or later it will start to dysfunction and stop. Therefore, go natural as much as you can, adding in instead of cutting out. Ask yourself: how can I add in one more portion of natural food like fruits or vegetables today? A great way is to make green smoothies. My personal favourite is fresh young coconut, spinach and banana. Yummy!

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You can even improve the fuel for your body by going organic as much as possible. Organic foods don’t contain toxins like pesticides, often taste better and contain more minerals and vitamins too. No wonder they call them super fuels for our bodies! 

Eating raw however, gets the most out of plant-based foods. This is because water-soluble vitamins like C, B’s and some minerals are heat-sensitive - the longer they are cooked, the more they will reduce in your food. In addition, important enzymes simply get destroyed in the cooking process. Therefore if you want to boost your body with nutrients, increase organic and raw foods in your diet. It won’t take long to feel the benefits: your skin will become smoother, you will have more energy, your energy won’t dip during the day, you will sleep better and feel more energetic. If you compare two elderly women of the same age, you can clearly see who nourished their body well and who did not. My best suggestion is to take the real-life test and see what happens!

Care for your body naturally

The same applies to the types of products that we use to care for our bodies. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, absorbing everything that is applied to it. So if you apply deodorant and creams which contain chemicals, they too will often get absorbed into your body. Substances in non-natural deodorants are connected to breast cancer, while some skin creams age the skin or even contribute to skin cancer. Given these effects, we should strive to live naturally as much as possible.

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Nourish your emotions

Have you ever heard of energy vampires? These people are dangerous as they take away all of your energy leaving you down and drained. Have you ever experienced this kind of situation? Do you have people like this in your life?

Like food, the people in your life have an influence on how you feel - and like with food, you should only choose the ones that are good for you. Spend time with people that make you happy, make you laugh and that you genuinely enjoy being around. On the other hand, say goodbye to the ones that absorb your energy all the time. Sometimes this can be difficult as one of the energy vampires in your life could be a family member or a close friend. In such occasions, simply limit contact with them. It might be challenging and a hard decision to make, but you will feel amazing and happier in the long run.

Feed your mind

The saying “you are what you eat” could also be interpreted as “you are what you watch, read and hear every day”. I know people who wake up to watch the latest news reports which talk about all the catastrophes that are happening around the world - no wonder they’re already negative by the time they reach the office! It starts with understanding your goals and then surrounding yourself with the stimulus you need to achieve them. Nourish your mind by watching inspiring videos in your chosen field, reading books that bring you closer to reaching your goals and listening to people who have already achieved what you want to achieve. Give it a go and notice how inspired and motivated you will become. Of course, it’s not just about consuming. Allocating time to stop and meditate also nurtures our mind. This leads to being more mindful - the awareness of what we think and how we think, along with the power to shift the way we behave from impulsive reactions to evaluated and controlled actions.

Find and create fulfilling spaces

The environment that you are in at work or at home can also nourish or rob your energy. Take a close look at the places that you spend most of your days and find ways to make them more comfortable and nurturing. Beside physical items and light, natural essential oils can assist to change the atmosphere. Depending on your needs you can choose a calming, relaxing or activating oil.

As you can see, you can nourish yourself on many more levels than just food. Test these ways out on yourself and let us know about the difference that you feel in your life. Have fun!

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