Live Your Passion: How 5 Female Entrepreneurs Unite to Transform your Life & Well-being (Happy Women’s Day)
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Live Your Passion: How 5 Female Entrepreneurs Unite to Transform your Life & Well-being (Happy Women’s Day)


7 March 2021


Our mission at PurelyB has since day one been to be the go-to platform and brand for Women's Wellness in Malaysia and Asia. We provide wellness education and solutions for women. We're founded by women. And most importantly - our community is dominated by ambitious women. 

What we do can be simplified as helping you become the best version of yourself. It's about being healthy, feeling strong, empowered, and taking charge of your life. It's about remembering that anything you want to achieve in life is possible.

With Women's Day coming up, this is more relevant than ever. Today we invite you to celebrate with us. It's time to celebrate women and their achievements - and it's time to prioritize YOU.


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Happy Women's Day: Our gift to you

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This year's Women's Day's theme #ChooseToChallenge is about celebrating women's achievement. Working against bias, and for equality.

To celebrate with you and create lasting changes, we're excited to announce that we've united with 4 other inspiring female entrepreneurs with one mission: To improve your life & wellbeing.

"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”

—African Proverb

These women share our purpose, passion and dedication for creating solutions for better health and life quality for other women across the world. They have their unique stories and impressive achievements, which are great reminders of how you too can achieve anything.

Today we'll share their stories with you.

And the celebrations don't end there. Together, we've created an exclusive limited-edition IWD2021 Collection featuring selected products from our wellness brands to empower you. With up to 38% savings, it's the kind of deal which almost is too good to be true. ?? More about that below...

Are you ready to learn more about these female entrepreneurs and how we've come together to make your life better? Great - let's get the party started. 

Happy Women's Day!


5 female entrepreneurs dedicated to improve your life & wellbeing

Sound of Flowers, founded by Stephanie Looi

Emotional Healing & Mental Wellness 

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"I wish that more women realised that helping another woman win, cheering her on, praying for her success and wellbeing or lifting her up does not take away blessings coming to them. In fact, the more you give, the more you receive. Celebrate her success without questioning your own. Because, really, we are better together."

At Sound of Flowers, our mission is to promote natural healing by restoring the harmony in our mind, body and soul through the vibrational energy of Bach flower essences. 


Tell us your story! What inspired you to start Sound of Flowers?

Over the past five years, I’ve been in the health industry as the co-founder of Purelyb and a practising sound therapist. Along the way, I realised that physical wellbeing isn’t the only thing we need to have a healthy lifestyle. To reach optimum health, we need to think of our mental, spiritual and emotional health too.

Being an entrepreneur and a mother of two, I understand how emotional states can significantly affect one’s physical health and stress levels. Hence, I want to provide a product that helps others fulfil their emotional needs. 


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Often, we women tend to do everything ourselves. We go through a lot of emotional stress that some, with a strong enough support system, figure out how to handle. And others feel like they don't have that outlet.

With Bach flowers, I help provide those with emotional problems something more than a shoulder to lean on. Bach Flower Therapy is a method to cure and prevent physical and/or emotional disorders by means of treating our emotional imbalances.

What are your proudest achievements on this journey?

When I inspire women to reach out to me and trust me in the process of healing. When I'm able to make them feel better about themselves. Think positive and appreciate themselves more.

How do you and your brand help women today?

People have used Bach remedies for many conditions, ie. emotional issues or pain including anxiety, depression, stress, emotional and physical trauma, cancer etc.

We empower them to heal their body, mind and soul through natural remedies. To feel perfectly OK even when they don't feel OK. It’s about acknowledging how you feel, so you can feel better.

What advice would you give to other women that has helped you on your journey?

Emotional wellness is not a destination that is achieved and therefore complete, but an intentional, daily practice of being mindful of how our circumstances, lifestyle, and beliefs may be impacting our emotions. It's about becoming aware of the necessary elements that need to be present in order to maintain a sense of grounding and contentment.


The Hive, founded by Claire Sancelot

Zero waste sustainable living 

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“Work very hard, be passionate, you will fall but
learn and stand up again, most importantly be kind” 

The Hive is the first zero waste store in Malaysia offering the largest bulk whole foods option, and a wide selection of eco-friendly personal care and lifestyle products. Our mantra is to make zero waste as practical and affordable as possible, so everyone can implement it at home. 

Tell us your story! What inspired you to start The Hive?

Untitled collage 3 copy

I started The Hive in 2016 after having lived a zero life since 2010. When I moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2015 from Hong Kong, I thought it would be interesting to open a zero waste store. At the beginning, the items sold were just what I needed personally. From there, we slowly built the inventory. 5 years later we have more than 1,000 references. 

What are the biggest challenges you faced on your journey?

I've faced many challenges on the way due to the combination of building a business and at the same time being an activist. Our stores were robbed. The robbers left us a bottle of Absolut Vodka, how odd.... We lost one of our store locations because we did not have a license for our composting program, which got really big. In 2016 zero waste was not known yet, so we had to educate one customer at a time. The first 2 years were really a struggle. 

What are your proudest achievements on this journey?

When we can donate our menstrual cups and washable pads. Our team is always extremely happy to see our pads & cups going to women who cannot afford them. Our reusable feminine care line offers them financial freedom and clean feminine care for almost a decade. 

How do you and your brand help women today?

The Hive’s brand helps break the taboo surrounding menstruation, but it is almost making reusable cool again. 

What advice would you give to other women that has helped you on your journey?

Connect with other women who inspire you. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by women helping and encouraging me from a young age. Starting with my grandmother, mother and aunts. Followed by my 2 sisters and all my girlfriends in KL who spoiled me with good advice. I am thinking of Freda Liu, Anabelle Co Martinet, Sue Wang, Amanda Lukman, Amy Blair, Regina Rahim. As soon as I opened The Hive, total strangers have helped by volunteering - most of them were female. 

Dee’s Snacks, founded by Diane Chia

Clean eating & nutrition

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"You are the sum of the 5 women closest to you!"

Dee Snack's is delicious, 100% natural, plant based superfood snacks packed with vitamins, minerals and goodness for boosting energy and digestive health. Healthy eating can be delicious! 

Tell us your story! What inspired you to start Dee’s Snacks?

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When I moved back to Malaysia in 2017, after spending many years in the UK and China, I instantly gained weight. I found it very challenging to lead a healthy lifestyle that I had no issue sustaining in China. I had seen a Functional Medicine Doctor who confirmed my food sensitivities to gluten and dairy, which meant I had very limited options in terms of snacks available at supermarkets here. So I took it upon myself to make 100% natural, plant-based, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free treats. Snacks with a powerful effect, given how active I'm, while doing my best to ensure it didn’t end up tasting like cardboard.

To my own surprise, I ended up consuming my snacks daily. Soon family and friends were asking for more. At the time, I was consulting for lululemon and was helping to organize community events at boutique gyms across KL. With some encouragement from some dear friends, I then decided to sponsor some granola at the said events and the rest as they say, is history!

What are the biggest challenges you faced on your journey?

The solo entrepreneurial / lonely journey I’ve been on for the past year and a half. Also, I do not have any culinary experience, so I’ve had to learn on the job and I’d be lying if I told you I haven’t been tempted to give up on a couple of occasions.

What are your proudest achievements on this journey?

Tatler feature! ? But in all honesty, I’ve received some recognition and that’s something I’m so grateful for.

How do you and your brand help women today?

One of the most difficult aspects of wellness for women today is incorporating a healthy lifestyle through nutrition. Implementing a healthy diet plan is a constant battle for everyone, especially women. Through our brand, we aim to provide a healthy and tasty alternative to their everyday bites on-the-go.

Dee Snacks is all about creating that healthy lifestyle and connecting with one’s wellness through nutrition and fitness. Arming customers with confidence to empower themselves through smart and healthy lifestyle choices that are sustainable.

What advice would you give to other women that has helped you on your journey?

We’re a lot more resilient than what meets the eye. Nevertheless while we’re strong, there is no shame in seeking help/advice from others. Remember to always pay it forward and celebrate other people’s success.

Bobble, founded by Malisse Tan

Menstrual & Reproductive Health 

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"You never know if you don't ask"

Bobble provides organic, safer & sustainable period products for women. Bobble isn’t just about making period products more eco-friendly and comfortable, but it’s also looking to educate the world on their perception of menstruation & menstrual health.  BOBBLE’s values also align with the 5 of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to help make an impact on menstruators, despite their socio-economic background.

Tell us your story! What inspired you to start BOBBLE?

In 2017,  I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer when my daughter Aleya was just 4 weeks old. After completing chemotherapy,  I became more conscious of the products I was using, and set about understanding what they were made of. Being a tampon & pantyliner user myself and knowing that the vaginal area is the most sensitive part of the body, I realised that I either didn’t understand the ingredients listed on the packaging, or couldn’t find the ingredients listed at all!

BOBBLE organic period products copy

This sparked a journey of research. I stumbled upon a gap in the market for more menstruators to have access to safer period products. As a fierce advocate for women empowerment, I believe life gave me a second chance and I wanted it to be purposeful. To be a catalyst for change and do my part in creating something impactful through improving the overall awareness and education around periods and menstrual well-being.

Outside my work, I'm a mother of 2, 3 years in remission from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer and on the Board of Advisors for Lean In Malaysia.

What are your proudest achievements on this journey?

  • Getting health back on track and transitioning into a new life recovering from chemotherapy and being a new mother.

  • Bootstrapped BOBBLE;  I still had to work full time elsewhere in order to support my financial ability to start a new business, and also provide for the family

  • Being a mum and entrepreneur: Not enough 'mumpreneurs' talk about the challenges of having to take care of the home and a business. Now juggling with a newborn, a toddler and a business, it's taking the challenge to a new level!

What are your proudest achievements on this journey?

The year 2017. Battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer while learning how to become a new mother at the same time.

How do you and your brand help women today?

We offer women a safer period product alternative that has helped some of our customers relieve them from rashes compared to when they use generic products.  We give our customers a peace of mind in what they're using at the most sensitive and absorbent part of their body.

At the same time, we empower women to be more confident of their periods and menstrual health. Our content is very educational.  We want to be that go-to source that menstruators are able to seek information from whilst learning more about their bodies. 

What advice would you give to other women that has helped you on your journey?

Let us continue to uphold and lift each other so that we can be a role model to our children and the people around us on how to be an ecosystem to encourage progress together. It's up to us to show through action so that one day, we can leave a lasting legacy through impacting and inspiring others.  


PurelyB, founded by Jesrina Arshad

Holistic & sustainable healthy living  

Jesrina Co Founder and CEO 2

“Don’t downgrade your dreams to match your reality.
Upgrade your faith to match your destiny.”

PurelyB is Asia’s leading health & wellness digital lifestyle brand & educational platform made by women for women. We empower women with knowledge to take charge of their health, and provide them with accessible and affordable solutions to improve their well-being across nutrition, fitness & mindfulness in their daily lives. 

We provide powerful health and wellness products based on centuries-old traditional Asian herbs & remedies to transform the health and lives of modern consumers in an accessible & affordable way - while improving the livelihoods of Marginalised Communities.

Share your story! What inspired you to start PurelyB?

I started out my career in digital creative and media agencies, from web design and development to leading digital media strategies for clients before moving on to head digital marketing at Astro (South-East Asia’s leading media entertainment group). After 10 years in the industry, I always knew that my end goal was to run my own business. But it wasn’t until the concept of PurelyB hit me in 2015, that I knew I had found my true passion and entrepreneurial calling in health & wellness in the digital space. 

I had suffered from long health issues triggered by allergies developed over years of an unknowingly unhealthy toxic diet and lifestyle. The inspiration to create PurelyB came about that year when I was able to overcome these health issues within a short period of time just changing my diet and lifestyle to be more healthy and natural. It truly was life changing for my mind, body and soul!

Untitled collage 4 1
I knew if there had been one trusted place I could have turned to for all this information and guidance, I could have made improvements to my health years ago. And many other people who were suffering like me could have also transformed their health! But no such solution existed, especially not one with relevance to Asian cultures and lifestyles. 

The lack of awareness, accessibility and convenience surrounding healthy solutions and local healthy options in Asia was a big problem. So together with my amazing all-women founding team of natural health practitioners, nutritionists, fitness and mindful coaches, based on our own personal transformation journeys, we created PurelyB to help make it easy, accessible & affordable for people in Asia to live healthy sustainably – the natural health way. 

What are your proudest achievements on this journey?

As a team we've reached many milestones and are so grateful to have received some amazing recognition in the tech startup and the wellness industry over the past 6 years. However, what I am most proud of is the impact that we’ve been able to see our products and services have made in people’s lives.

What I value so much is that our community shares their stories with us. They’re not afraid to open up and be vulnerable about the health problems they face, and how they need help. And to be able to then see & hear how their health - be it physical, mental or emotional - transform and improve because of PurelyB, it’s the most fulfilling and heartwarming part of our journey. It reminds us of our bigger purpose and to always keep going and growing and helping others.

What advice would you give to other women that has helped you on your journey?

Love what you do! I know some people who have to drag themselves out of the bed, and find their daily routine really mundane. But truly living is to feel excitement and passion from working towards your goals and future, that’s how you can overcome even the worst obstacles. If you haven’t found it yet, that’s ok! Just follow your curiosity and don’t ever settle. Think about what you really want to do, what will give you purpose and fulfillment and work towards that. Every day should be a step closer towards your goal.

Also, strength and smpathy - that’s our superpowers as women! We have that natural ability to be bold, yet lead with our hearts and connect deeply with others. We can truly achieve anything we want in life. Sometimes all we lack is just a little faith in ourselves, and the support we give each other can change everything. So don’t hold back ladies, celebrate each other, upgrade your faith and make your dreams a reality! #ChoosetoChallenge


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What our IWD2021 Collection is all about

When 5 female wellness entrepreneurs come together with the mission to improve your health and life, magic happens. As a woman, you can achieve anything you want in life - whether it's within love, family, career, health or something else. You just need the right approach and mindset.

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In just 7 days you will look and feel more radiant, recharged & energised. You will sleep better, experience less stress and anxiety, as well as improved digestion & immunity.

Breathe space into your daily routines. Integrate these simple yet life-changing techniques into your lifestyle to become more mindful everyday, it'll help improve  your productivity and relationship with others.

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