Learn Natural Home Remedies To Help Your Body Heal From Common Ailments
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Learn Natural Home Remedies To Help Your Body Heal From Common Ailments

Nothing is worse than coming down with something—whether it be a flu, sore throat or even constipation. And by now you probably know that overprescription of antibiotics is on the rise, and side effects of conventional means of treatment such as commercial nasal sprays and laxatives should be something to be wary of.

When faced with common ailments, reaching for over-the-counter medication may seem like a convenient solution. But what if we told you it is possible (and effective!) to help your body heal with natural remedies you can make at home?

We’ve teamed up with one of Malaysia’s leading naturopaths, Amanda Teh, to put together an A-Z guide on creating your own natural remedies—at home! In our upcoming programme, Natural Home Pharmacy, we’ll teach you how to make safe and effective remedies for you and your family to treat yourself next time you’re under the weather.

With our programme, you’ll learn how to transform simple ingredients from your kitchen into traditional home remedies, that are also science based. Designed by qualified naturopath and herbalist, Amanda Teh, these remedies will help your body heal naturally from common ailments and give it that immunity boost it needs.

To give you a taste of the programme, we’ve created a FREE eBOOK with 3 simple home remedies (with step-by-step videos) to combat diarrhoea, sore throats and coughs.

Natural, cheap, actually tasty and with little to no side effects—treat yourself with these remedies. We promise you’ll be feeling better in no time!


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Did you know that nature gives us everything we need to heal? We'll show you how to reduce your exposure to toxins and pharmaceutical drugs by using natural Ingredients found in your kitchen, just a nature intended.


NB: Always consult a doctor if symptoms persist.