Join Me On My Journey To A Better Body: Part 4
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Join Me On My Journey To A Better Body: Part 4


12 January 2016


So, here I am, my PurelyB 21-Day To A Better Body Programme completed. Here’s the verdict:

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Did I achieve my goal?

To recap, my goal was this:

“To leave Malaysia weighing no more than 9st 7lbs/60kgs. I intend to do this by eating mindfully, in appropriate portions and by eliminating all junk snacking.”

Today, on the final day of my 21 days, I am proud to say I now weigh 9st 9lbs, a weight loss total of 7lbs (approx. 3 kgs). The programme has shown me exactly what I personally need to do to redirect my own lifestyle trajectory towards something healthy and sustainable.

I intend to continue to follow the principles and most importantly the portion sizes and overall daily food intake I have been doing. In doing this I feel that I will be fuelling my body in order to let nature decide the rest. Maybe I will continue to lose weight, maybe I won’t. What I do know is I feel much more comfortable in my skin. I haven’t moved my dress size, but my clothes are fitting better again, that extra chin that maybe only I can see in photos has gone (phew!).

So, in answer to the question of whether I achieved my goals, I would say the answer is an emphatic YES!

What were the highs of the 21 days?

Of course the descent in the numbers on my scales was an ongoing source of pleasure, but there was more. I got so excited about the arrival of my meals each day. It was like a daily birthday treat. The food was entirely, without exception, delicious. There is something extremely gratifying about eating something that tastes amazing and is good for you. I went for a long time thinking this was not possible.

On top of all this was the camaraderie with the group of four ladies on the programme with me. We were able to touch base on a daily basis, sharing experiences and queries, which really helped. I’d thoroughly recommend taking on this programme with some friends.

What were the lows?

Around about the end of the second week, the weight loss seemed to plateau, which felt a bit disheartening even though I knew it was to be expected given the great start. I also had the Angkor Wat half marathon in the middle of my programme. I had to carb load for this, which felt counterproductive even though I knew it was essential and good sense. (Please note: I don’t believe the half marathon contributed to my weight loss during the 21 days. I am a regular runner, and ironically (probably due to excessive carb loading), I usually gain weight during a period of long run training).

Would I recommend the programme?

This is a 100% YES! I think there is something in this for anyone who wants to make positive changes to their lifestyle. The fact that you set your own goals means that you can calibrate what you do entirely to help you achieve what you want. The daily food provision is both a treat and an education. The support material is like talking to a good friend everyday and really keeps you motivated. A healthy lifestyle is a journey and this is a great way to get on your way.

Thanks PurelyB and goodbye Malaysia. It’s been a healthy pleasure.

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