Join Me On My Journey To A Better Body: Part 2
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Join Me On My Journey To A Better Body: Part 2


15 December 2015


In my last article I explained why I’ve taken up this programme. Here’s my experience of preparing and kicking it all off.

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PART 2: Preparation and Go!

The Preparation Stage:

The preparation stage is great because it gives you a chance to go through all the material that is presented to you. You need to set your own goal for the plan, which is a brilliant exercise to go through. My goal is this:

“To leave Malaysia on 18th December weighing no more than 9st 7lbs/60kgs. I intend to do this by eating mindfully, in appropriate portions and by eliminating all junk snacking”

Note: I currently weigh just over 10st/62.5kgs

I’m actually doing the 21 days program in a group of 4, which feels like a brilliant way to approach this and something I would really recommend; it’s great fun. We have a little Whatsapp group where we are sharing our experiences and supporting each other. What is interesting is the diversity of our goals. Mine is the only one that has anything to do with weight. Two are keen to do an overall cleanse and full body reset and another has a very specific goal around improving back strength as part of a holistic plan. It feels like this is a real positive of the plan - that it’s not a weight loss tool, but moreover a way of approaching food, exercise and lifestyle so that weight actually no longer matters.

In this 2-day prep phase, you get quite a lot of material but it doesn’t feel daunting and is very clear. PurelyB’s experts Marissa and Carina present a great introduction to you and here you get to feel inspired about what you are about to do.

It’s key to add here that you can opt to get meals delivered to your door.  As someone who has had to cook three seperate meals (kids, husband and I), this was an option I jumped at, knowing that I wanted to maximise the results of the program. Having three weeks of meals delivered initially seems like a big outlay, but it quickly starts to feel like the bargain of the century. I actually feel like I might save money!

So, over the course of my 2-day prep, I set my goals, shopped for ingredients to make some of the breakfast recipes given as part of the plan (breakfast is not included in the meal provision) and got excited about the meals that were going to arrive for Day 1.

Day 1, Week 1:

A Breakfast Breakthrough!

I woke up raring to go. Whilst my children ate their breakfasts, I whizzed up a Banana and Spinach Smoothie for breakfast from the recipe pack included in the prep stage. I was so proud of myself for experiencing my first green smoothie whilst at the same time, kicking myself for not discovering it sooner. It was delicious and contained spinach! How much more spinach I could’ve included in my life so far! My breakfast is almost always some form of egg. It’s my intention to try every recipe in my book so I have a good ongoing less eggy repertoire! I’m a pescatarian and the plan is personalized and tailored to accommodate this and all kinds of other needs and preferences from inclusion of meat to gluten intolerance and low carb. As my recipes are tailored to me, I have a lot to choose from.

My Exercise for the Day

I am training for the Angkor Wat half marathon, so after dropping my kids at school and nursery, I did a 5km interval session on the treadmill. The programme includes a whole section on exercise, which focuses on increasing your daily steps and doing a set workout that can be done in the home a minimum of 3 times a week. With Marissa’s help and advice on the forum (to which you have access), I am formulating my own plan that works with my running schedule. My goals for change are much more about food than exercise but I want to include more weight sessions in my week, both to improve my running and my lifestyle in general, so this is actually quite key.

A Delightful Delivery

Moving on to the highlight of the day! Meal delivery! Late morning I started to wonder what might happen. Was someone really going to bring me my lunch and dinner? Was this possible? Then, around about 12.15pm, the doorbell to my condo rang and there it was - my lunch and dinner, fresh, healthy and totally ready to be eaten.

It was delicious. The thing that really struck me though was the portion control. It felt less than I would usually eat but was just as satisfying. This is the moment I knew that the programme was going to pay back many fold. It was going to help me re-calibrate that food provision that had gone so awry.

And so, after my dinner with the kids and time saved not having to prepare my food, I sat down to write this. I’m excited, confident and totally up for it.

I’ll be back in a week’s time to let you know how it all progresses, watch this space for my half way status report in 10 days time.

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