International Women's Day
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International Women's Day


7 March 2022


International Women’s Day has been celebrating the empowerment, success and challenges of women around the world for decades. Marked 8th March annually, this years campaign theme is #breakthebias where we want to focus on a gender equal world. A world free of discrimination, stereotypes and a world where difference is valued and celebrated.

We, at Purely B, would like to celebrate our Ibuprenuers; women from diverse backgrounds who have gone through challenges and are now successfully running their own businesses. During the Covid pandemic, women, especially single and vulnerable mothers were the most affected. Mothers who were breadwinners and caregivers for their dependents were financially and also emotionally struggling to make a living. Ibupreneur believes that mothers are the anchor of households.


Our campaign for International Women’s Day this year focuses on our Ibuprenuers who have created a social impact by creating healthy, natural and wholesome products to help people (not just women) build a healthy lifestyle. We want women to know that for us, it is not just the products that we sell but we also talk about the women behind these products and their challenges and successes. 

Our Chakra Healing Candle infused with a Bach flower that helps balance our mind, body and spirit. It also heals stress, anxiety and fear.


Ibu’s behind our products

Ibu Helen

When the pandemic hit, Ibu Helen lost her job and had savings of only RM 50,000 to survive. She knew she had to find a way to earn and make a living comfortably. After partnering with Purely B, Ibu Helen has now mastered her skills in candle - making and has a stable source of income.


Ibu Izziana

From setting up a booth in Bangsar and selling jackfruits, to losing her booth because of the pandemic and being a mother of 5 with no business and income, Ibu Izziana did not lose hope and never gave up. She learnt how to bake Purely B’s Superfood Gula Melaka Cookies and has now ventured into candle making.


Ibu Ika

A mother of 3 boys with severe asthma conditions and a nursing assistant, Ibu Ika learned how to bake 8 years ago in order to earn an income from home to support her boys. With her new skills, she hopes to develop her home catering business. 

To all the beautiful and empowering women, Happy International Womans’ Day!