Homemade Pain Relief Balm
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Homemade Pain Relief Balm


25 April 2016


As someone who has found much comfort and experienced healing through the use of essential oils, I jump at the first chance to make my own creams, lotions and balms at home.

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There is nothing that I like more than making my own concoction and remedies at home using oils, butters and essential oils. This recipe is a homemade version of a balm that I use for pain relief such as a sore muscle or a headache when my store-bought ones run out. Camphor oil helps to reduce cramps and spasms while it also has anti-neuralgic and anti-rheumatic properties. Eucalyptus also has pain-relief and anti-bacterial properties while peppermint can be used for aches and pain, clearing the respiratory tract and eliminating nausea. It also stimulates mental activity.

  • 1 tablespoon pure shea butter
  • 3 tablespoons almond oil
  • ½ inch beeswax
  • 8 drops camphor oil
  • 8 drops eucalyptus oil
  • 4 drops peppermint oil
  1. Warm shea butter and beeswax in a double boiler just to melt. Do not cook.
  2. Add in almond oil and mix.
  3. Remove from heat, add in the rest and mix well.
  4. Pour into a jar and keep at room temperature to set before use. If the room is too hot, it can be kept and stored in the fridge.

*Note: Always do a patch test on your arm just to make sure that it does not irritate your skin. You can also use coconut oil to replace the almond oil but I find that the coconut scent overpowers that of camphor and eucalyptus. It’s just a personal preference for me. Pregnant women should avoid essential oils.

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