Get Up Close with Celebrity Couple Liv Lo & Henry Golding
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Get Up Close with Celebrity Couple Liv Lo & Henry Golding


22 November 2016


One of Singapore’s most popular couples Liv Lo and Henry Golding tied the knot recently in a gorgeous intimate ceremony. Liv, presenter and yoga instructor and her hubby Henry, actor and BBC Travel Host have both been very successful individuals and will no doubt be going places together with their energetic and positive outlook on life.

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We waited for this lovely couple to settle down after the excitement of their wedding and honeymoon before catching up with them. Join us as we take a sneak peek into Liv and Henry’s lives as husband and wife, how they make their long-distance relationship work and how marriage has transformed their relationship.

Liv and Henry,


Now that the wedding is over, what are some of the immediate changes to your life being married?

We wanted to start our marriage on a clean-slate, literally, so we took a day to clear clutter from our house. It took us 5 hours and 15 bags of stuff to give away, but it felt awesome afterwards to have a fresh start in our home.

What does being married mean to you?

We are a team, always together. It gives us a warm feeling of safety.

Lovely photos of your Crotian honeymoon. Tell us what you love the most about Croatia.

Credit: Instagram / Henry Golding

There is just too much to love. We went to Rovinj which is a small seaside town. The local merchandise and produce is what we loved as well as the sea. The fresh water pearl jewelry, the local painters, wood workers, olive oil, truffles, and wine are just some of our faves.

You've always been busy and active individuals and having another person be part of your everyday life now (although wonderful!) must mean several compromises. Have you had to change/adapt any work routines, daily activities, etc?

We are both busy in our own right, so we take time to take care of each other. We will take on responsibilities for each other when one is too busy to handle it, like filling in any house duties, grocery shopping, cooking dinner at least twice a week. Not much has changed but we do place more emphasis on each other's well-being. We know that we are in this together till death do us part, so in this case we are more supportive and understanding of each other’s needs.

What steps have you taken to ensure that work doesn't take away your time together?

Credit: Instagram / Henry Golding

We have always carved out time to be together as much as we can and keep things romantic. We speak on the phone every day and Whatsapp each other first thing in the morning when we wake up, if we’re apart. When we are both in town, we will have one meal a day together, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner and often go on movie dates or go on bike rides together. Until we get pregnant we don't see how much else needs to change.

You both have successfully made your long distance relationship (LDR) work! How did you guys do it and continue to do so with regular work travels? Any advice for couples out there on a LDR?

Credit: Instagram / Liv Lo

Now it's a long distance marriage! Haha! We tackle it day by day. We’ve figured out each other’s love language and are make sure that the other person receives what is needed to feel the love even from afar. We personally feel that LDR shouldn't be looked at negatively, when in fact it is exciting! While you are apart, you always have the support of your partner who is technically there whenever you need them. While seeing them can be tricky, the effort spent to be together is well worth it.

Our advice would be to figure out a way to be together permanently before it gets too difficult to be apart. Every story should have a happy ending, and if yours is to be together forever, there must be a way to work towards being LDR no longer.

Complete this sentence - I love it when my spouse...

Liv: Cooks a delicious dinner for me after a busy day.

Henry: Drops me off at the airport before big trips.

How do the both of you keep healthy amidst your busy schedules?

Liv's lifestyle keeps her fitter than most as she teaches yoga 6+ hours a week and she trained for the Spartan Race (she clinched her Trifecta medal in Tahoe recently!) I (Henry) have taken to trying to get at least a 5km jog in everyday.

How do you unwind together after a hectic day?

Watch Netflix and chill (actual chilling… in pajamas and face masks.)

What does your favourite cheat day meal or most sinful dessert look like?

A durian feast or frozen yoghurt. Yums!

Both of you come from mixed parentages. How has that shaped you as a person or shaped your worldview?

We both have been lucky to have very supportive and open-minded parents whilst growing up. Having that at an early age really lets you accept a lot of things for what they really are, to be able to not judge and to not hold on to material things too tightly.

Thank you very much, Liv and Henry for keeping it real and sharing your journey with us! PurelyB wishes you much happiness and health.