Get Cultured With The Good Seed
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Get Cultured With The Good Seed


9 August 2017


The art of fermenting food is arguably one of the earliest form of culinary adventures we as humans endeavoured. Cultures around the world ferment as a preservation technique but also as a way to enhance the nutritional profile of ingredients.

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Whether it’s because you need to restore gut health, support immunity or simply curious about the art of preserving food and tradition, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as picking up a new skill.

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This weekend, The Good Seed are in town from Melbourne, Australia, bringing along a concoction of ferments to sell and will be hosting a series of workshops in conjunction with Fittie Sense, Bangsar. The series of workshops covers everything from milk kefir to vegetables ferments, probiotic sodas and vegan cheese making. During the workshop you’ll learn all things ferments, the health benefits of fermenting, safe fermentation guidelines and hands on making of your own custom ferments, giving you the confidence to start fermenting at home. It’s time to sign up and get schooled in something new!

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If you can’t make the workshop this weekend fear not, the gut flora warriors have their special throat soothing digestive aid - Fire Tonic; carted all way from Australia using only finest organic ingredients from around their region. The sweet, spicy and vinegary tonic that took three months to ferment is now available from Fittie Sense at your convenience.

For further workshop enquiries please contact Fittie Sense 03-28584023, 016-477 2774.

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