Flowers As A Health Remedy? Yes!
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Flowers As A Health Remedy? Yes!

Bach Flower Remedies were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in The 1930s, when he was a British doctor, bacteriologist, and spiritual writer, and he believed that disease was the result of conflict between soul and mind. He advocated for being in harmony with our souls and was determined to help facilitate this process, which birthed the concept of Bach Flowers Remedies.

Bach Flower Remedies are a set of 38 individual flower essences that could help resolve any emotional imbalance; each remedy is associated with a basic human emotion. The flower elm for example, is the flower used as a remedy when we are feeling a loss of confidence due to the overwhelming amount of responsibilities we have taken on. Taking elm flowers will help us to dispel these feelings so that we can resume our lives without thought of failure.


How are the flower remedies made?

Dr. Bach devised two methods to make the Bach Flower Remedies - the sun method, and the boiling method. By putting flowers in natural spring water, manufacturers make flower extracts. Then they boil it or expose it to the sun. The sun method is used for delicate flowers while the boiling method used for the woodier plants, as the heat transfers energy from the flowers to the water in both methods. 

Bach Flower Remedies will gently help balance our mental and emotional states by encouraging and enhancing our positive emotions which can lead to casting out negative feelings such as fear, uncertainty, guilt and tiredness.


How can I use it?

Bach remedies usually come as liquids in dropper bottles so you can take them in several ways. There is the ‘glass of water’ method, where you put 2-4 drops in a glass of water or you can use the ‘direct on the tongue’ method where you drop the remedy directly on to your tongue, without diluting them. They also could be added to your everyday drink like tea, coffee and juice.


Is it effective?

You must be asking yourself right now, do Bach Flower Remedies really work? And the answer is an absolute yes. Flower remedies have been used for many years as a way to heal the mind, body, and uplift the spirit. This allows not only for mental and spiritual healing, but often for the healing of the body in terms of relief of ailments, illness, stress, and disease. Flower essences are perfectly suitable for anyone looking to improve their emotional well-being.

Flower essences can be especially helpful for emotions such as:

  • Fear

  • Uncertainty

  • Loneliness

  • Over-sensitivity

  • Despair

  • Lack of interest

  • Lack of confidence

But you have to make sure to choose the remedy that corresponds with your actual emotional state. You need to be honest with yourself and very aware of your feelings; start by thinking about the way you feel now perhaps by simply asking yourself “how do I feel today?”. Remember Bach Flower Remedies are so gentle and subtle; therefore, they can take a little while to start showing results. It helps if you record your moods daily or weekly on a scale from 1-10 to track any changes and improvements to your temperament.


Side-effects? Nope!

The beauty of Bach Flower Remedies is that there are no side effects. Studies have found that Bach Flower Remedies are completely safe! The remedies are gluten-free and vegan, in case that is your dietary requirement.


Who is it good for?

Bach Flower Remedies are safe for the whole family including pets, children, pregnant mamas and even plants. Remember it is medicine for emotions, so if you are struggling with emotions,  want to overcome a passing mood when faced with daily challenges,  want to cope and deal with changes, or if you are simply exhausted Bach Flower Remedies is great for you. 

Flowers are not the only thing that can bloom” 

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