Fight Off Inflammation By Making These 8 Changes
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Fight Off Inflammation By Making These 8 Changes

By now you probably know that chronic inflammation can lead to many common diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, obesity and even cancer. Here are 8 changes you can make to your lifestyle and diet to help prevent inflammation from occuring in the body. 

1. Avoid bad fats, consume more good fats

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Bad fats to avoid:

  • Refined vegetable oils: vegetable oils extracted by high temperatures or chemical methods.
  • Hydrogenated oils: trans fatty acids, including margarine, ghee, often found in bread and baked goods.
  • Avoid cooking with high temperatures, as the heat may cause certain oils (such as olive and sesame oil) to become rancid.

Eat more good fats:

  • Eat more omega-3s (linseed seed oil, chia seeds, deep sea fish oil).
  • Consume cold pressed virgin oil such as olive oil, avocado oil and flaxseed oil.
  • Eat more omega-3 rich fish including sardines, saury, squid, squid, etc.
  • Cook with oils that have high smoking points: coconut oil.
  • Eat more nuts and legumes: walnuts, almonds, kidney beans, etc.

These Chia-Pudding Breakfast Jars will help you pack in the omega-3s.

Pay attention to your intake of vegetable oil:Some vegetable oils such as soybean, peanut, corn, safflower and sunflower oil, are very high in omega-6, with very little omega 3. When omega-6 is too high omega-3 will be low.  Omega-6 can also trigger the inflammation path in the body and cause the body to become inflamed.

The perfect ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 that is most suitable for the human body is 1:4, but nowadays most people are actually on the ratio of 1:20.


2. Food should be real, not processed

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Eat as much as fresh, natural and real food as possible, such as fruits and vegetables, and grains. Try to eat cut out the processed foods are they lack nutrition and are full of food additives that can cause toxins to build up in the body.


3. For those who are intolerant, go for gluten-free grains

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Gluten can be found in many foods such as pasta, pizza, beer, bread, sauces, biscuits and more. In recent years, many studies have suggested that gluten may be associated with allergies.

However, not everyone has an issue with gluten. You can run a blood test to see if you are intolerant to gluten. Alternatively, you may pay attention and make a note of any uncomfortable symptoms you experience after consuming food that contains gluten. Digestive issues such as bloating, constipation and indigestion may indicate an issue with digesting gluten.


4. Eat the rainbow to up your antioxidant intake

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Consume a variety of fruits and vegetables that  comes in different colors, such as papaya, pineapple, cherry, pomegranate, beet, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, purple sweet potato, purple cabbage, bell pepper, broccoli and green leafy vegetables.

Medical research has confirmed that the colour pigment phytonutrients from plants such as lycopene, anthocyanin, chlorophyll, lutein, and zeaxanthin all have very strong effect against inflammation and promoting health.

Why not try this Vegan, Gluten-Free Savoury Rainbow Crepe recipe.


5. Spice up your food

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Most spices and herbs have anti-inflammatory properties, such as turmeric, ginger, red pepper and garlic, alfalfa, rosemary, basil, etc. Adding them to your meals can strengthen the liver function  and reduce inflammation. The effect of garlic and turmeric are most remarkable as it has been proven to have a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effect.

Give this Healing Turmeric Latte a go!


6. Get sipping on Japanese green tea & Chinese Pu’er tea

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Japanese green tea and Chinese Pu'er tea are very rich in amino acids, enzymes and catechins that have been proven to have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It also helps to fight against free radical damage in the body.


7. Maintain a healthy weight

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The heavier the body weight, the higher the chances of suffering from inflammatory diseases. Therefore, maintaining proper body weight is the definitely a effective way to prevent modern diseases.


8. Relax and destress

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Stress and staying up late can affect the body’s immune system and metabolism. This in turn can interrupt the body’s normal function and and lead to chronic inflammation.