Popular, Natural Beauty Secrets From Around The World

Popular, Natural Beauty Secrets From Around The World


26 June 2016


Women around the world have some secrets they'd like to share. Passed down from their ancestors and used until this very day, different countries and parts of the world hold very different beauty secrets. Some of which we've probably heard of or even tried ourselves without knowing where it originated from.

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With so many beauty tools and techniques out there, we've compiled some of our favourites, the most popular beauty secrets from around the world. Take a beauty trip across the globe with us as we uncover and share some of the best kept beauty secrets that just might make the perfect addition to your beauty regime.


This beautiful country has a beautiful secret - a floral and heavenly smelling one at that! The Rose Valley is known throughout and produces most of the world’s rose oils. With that being said, Bulgarians have mastered the use of roses in their daily beauty regimes. Here's where rose water comes into play. It is not for consumption; instead it is used to wash the face or even wipe on as a toner as it helps with keeping your skin soft and supple. Other benefits of rose water include the fact that it helps moisturise the skin, and calm and soothe acne-prone skin.


Rose water is used in many Indian beauty regimes too but the one that we absolutely can't get enough of is the use of turmeric. Not just used for making delicious curries, but also used in skincare! If you have acne and scars, as well as inflammation, turmeric is your answer. It helps soothe the skin, and lightens scarring as well. It goes deep into the skin and reduces oil build-up, which also helps curb acne. Just create a paste and slather it on as a mask to let it work miracles as it gets absorbed by your skin.



With a vast understanding of beauty, the Greek women seem to have many tricks up their sleeves. The one we absolutely need to mention is the use of olive oil. Not only a great oil to use when cooking due to its health benefits, this oil works great when applied on the skin. Full of vitamins and antioxidants, it enables your skin to be fed all the good stuff. Just apply it on before you take a shower or add sugar into it to create a little scrub, and allow your skin to soak in all the benefits. Olive oil is also good for the hair and nails, so be generous with it though oil in general need not be used too much. You'll wake up with incredibly soft and moisturised skin the next day - it's unbelievable how easy it is.


Rice is a staple food in China, there's no denying it. However rice is also one of their best beauty secrets! Rice water is used to wash their faces as well as bodies, and rice flour used as masks. This ingredient has many different properties that help with your skin, primarily antioxidants which help with wrinkles and ageing skin. Due to it also being a natural product, there are no chemicals in it that will cause any harm.


Mysterious and beautiful Egypt has a beauty secret that goes way back to the era of the divine beauty Cleopatra, and this was rumoured to have been part of her beauty regime - milk and honey baths. Very commonly done in spas (and for good reasons) this bath is said to help get rid of dead skin cells, nourishes your skin and helps exfoliate as well. Honey has antioxidants that help with rebuilding new tissue which in turn helps keep your skin radiant and soft.



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