Nine Gym Habits That Are Damaging To Your Skin

Nine Gym Habits That Are Damaging To Your Skin


14 March 2017


We all know that exercise is good for your body. And when you’re headed to the gym, it’s likely you’re more focused on the workout than anything else. However, one aspect that you should keep in mind is your skin. You’d be surprised how a trip to the gym can have quite an impact on the health of your skin, especially if you aggravate it with less-than-healthy habits.

Check out these nine gym habits that you may be guilty of!

1. Wearing Too Much Makeup
Is this worth the clog? Your pores need to breathe, and adding sweat to makeup can cause a build-up that will block your pores, which can lead to breakouts. And you’d end up having streaky makeup anyway! Go to the gym makeup free; you’ll get a better natural glow from your workout than from any bronzer.

2. Not Cleansing Your Face
Keep your skin clear while you sweat! Wash your face to eliminate the oils, bacteria and sweat have accumulated on the skin. Gently cleanse your face with a mild cleanser before and after a workout to remove any dirt and impurities! And always remember to wash your hands before washing your face.

3. Showering With Hot Water
It may be tempting to jump into the shower and relax with a nice long hot one after a good workout. Hot water may soothe your tired muscles, but it will strip your skin of vital oils. And that would result in your skin getting dry, itchy and unhappy. Opt for a lukewarm shower instead, or even a cold refreshing one.

4. Not Using Moisturiser
When you sweat during a workout, your skin loses moisture, leaving the skin dehydrated. And dehydrated skin will result in premature ageing and the potential for pores to clog. The best time to rehydrate thirsty skin is right out of the shower. So, take a few minutes to keep your skin hydrated, and replenish by applying a lightweight moisturiser and body lotion; applying while the skin is still damp is best. 

5. Being dehydrated
Staying hydrated is important to have a glowing complexion! Your body loses more moisture in heated environments, so keep yourself hydrated after, or even during your workout for your skin to recover. And yes, water is best. Carry a bottle with you so water is always accesible... you'll create a positive habit out of it in no time.  

6. Not Protecting Your Skin
When exercising outdoors, SPF is vital. From premature ageing to melanoma, the risks of sun damage are well-known. It’s important to choose the right sunscreen formula as oily sunscreen can cause acne by clogging pores. So keep your skin protected with a lightweight or oil-free moisturiser with adequate broad spectrum protection.

7. Keeping Your Hair Down
Wear a hair or headband to keep your hair up! Hair should always be pulled back away from the face to keep the sweat away. Hair products such as conditioners, sprays or - gels are unsuitable for the face and can alter the PH of the skin and clog pores leading to breakouts.

8. Cross-Contamination
Avoid touching your face and skin after using un-sanitised machines and yoga mats. These things are used by many, many people throughout the day and you can bet that bacteria and germs are pretty happy with these spots. Avoid transferring these nasties to your face and if possible, wipe down the machine or mat before you use it

9. Staying In Your Gym Clothes All Day
Keeping your workout clothes on after you exercise can be bad for your skin! Your damp clothing is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. This can cause body acne, a weakened immune system, vaginal and skin yeast infection, just to name a few. You also don’t smell your best after a workout so a change of clothes is always a good idea.