Natural Makeup Removers From Your Kitchen

Natural Makeup Removers From Your Kitchen


3 February 2017


Although beauty comes from within, it never hurts to look good too. We spend a lot on skincare products and makeup, all in the name of looking the best we can. While some people prefer being barefaced, others can’t leave their homes without at least just the teeniest bit of makeup to enhance and accentuate their features.

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Waterproof makeup is especially useful as you don’t have to worry about your make-up melting in the heat or your mascara running. However, the downside to wearing these budge-proof products is they tend to stay put and can be difficult to remove and clean off. There are of course makeup removers that you can buy for this purpose, but why not just use what you have at home?

Here are some natural makeup removers that you probably already have in your kitchen!

Coconut Oil

Many people have coconut oil in their kitchens for it’s an oil with many health benefits, but did you know that it has beauty benefits too? Coconut oil is a great moisturiser, cleanser and yes, makeup remover!

Olive Oil

Olive oil can be used for both health and beauty purposes. In the kitchen, it’s a healthier oil to cook with, and in the bathroom it has multiple uses. From using it as a hair conditioner, to moisturiser; this oil has certainly earned its place as one of the must-haves in every home. Olive oil also makes a great makeup remover.


For removing makeup from specific areas (such as the eyes or lips), just apply a little bit of oil to the area and then wipe off with a cotton pad. For the whole face, just apply and rub the coconut oil all over the face. Then wipe off and cleanse as usual. As these oils are also wonderful moisturisers, you’ll get clean and moisturised skin.

Coconut and olive oil can also be used to clean makeup brushes. Swish the brush around in some oil and then wipe off with tissue or a clean cloth, then use a gentle shampoo and warm water to give it a final rinse. Let the brushes air-dry.

If you’re a little more ambitious, you can even make your own makeup remover wipes. Makeup remover wipes are convenient for those lazy days when even removing your makeup and cleansing your face seems like such a chore.

Watch the video below for instructions on how to make your own makeup remover wipes.

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