Multi-Masking & Why We Love It!

Multi-Masking & Why We Love It!


26 May 2016


We've all heard of multi-tasking and more often than not, as women we're pretty amazing at it! Multi-masking however is a new thing all together and a definite game changer in terms of how you take care of your skin.

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The concept behind this is exactly what it sounds like - using more than one mask! The idea is to use more than one mask at one go (or during the same pampering session) to give your skin the utmost best treatment it truly deserves. It is very common for a lot of people to have combination types of skin and most masks out there only cater to one specific type. Multi-masking enables you to deal with all your skin needs at the same time.

How to master the multi-masking? We've got you and your skin covered! Learn how you can use this method to give your skin all the TLC it needs without having to worry.

Mask One: T-Zone

This area is most likely the one that has the most problems to begin with, due to how oily it can get. Start off with a deep cleansing mask for your t-zone. Keep in mind that this is usually a difficult spot that causes a lot of oils to surface, clogging up your pores and causing acne, so take the extra time to give it special care. Look for clay or tea tree oil masks that help absorb all the excess oil as well as give your skin all the nutrients it needs.

Mask Two: Cheek

The idea is to get a mask that focuses on hydrating, plumping and tightening your cheek area. Your cheeks are incredibly prominent on your face and therefore very important. An energising mask works great for this as it helps keep your skin's A-game on while making it look revitalised, smooth and well, energised. A natural rosy glow is the way to go!

Mask Three: Chin

Now that your face is almost covered, focus on the area that is given the least attention - the chin. Check to see what your chin area needs are - if it requires deep cleansing you can use the same mask as you did on your T-zone or if it needs moisturising, invest in a mask that will give you just that. This will restore your moisture levels making your skin look soft and dewy while it helps keep it hydrated too.

Mask Four: Eye Area

The most sensitive area when it comes to using beauty products is definitely the eye area. A wrinkly eye area can age you and fine lines can creep up on you if you’re not careful. Invest in an instant oxygen foaming mask and apply it below the eyes. You can also use this mask to cover areas of your face that have not been ‘masked’. It’s an instant pick-me-up due to it being a self-activating mask that instantly brightens and hydrates your skin, making you look fresher and brighter.

Mask Five: Neck Area

This one is completely optional but can make a huge difference too. Use a light mask for your neck area, anything at all works especially if it’s clay-based. In the long run, your skin may lighten from the masking and this way, your neck and face will be evenly toned (and textured!).

Do keep in mind that the masks do work wonders but it’s super essential to have clean skin as a base to start off with. Do wash your face, exfoliate and then start your masking process. The concept of multi-masking is to feed your skin with everything it needs without having to compromise. Give it a try and see how it changes your beauty regime (and life!). You can thank us later! (Oh, and don't forget to rinse thoroughly and moisturise after!)

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