Beauty Sleep: The Real Deal

Beauty Sleep: The Real Deal


13 May 2016


The term 'beauty sleep' is one that's regularly used, which basically means getting enough shut-eye to make one look healthy and beautiful. While it's true that sleep is one of the main factors, other factors are important too -especially when age is catching up!

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We've got some really great regimes that will help you make the best of your sleep time and have you wake up looking (and feeling!) like a million bucks. Don't just take our word for it, read on and give them a try. You'll thank us for it later!

Quality Sleep

Just sleeping won't do you good. What you need is sleep that will have you well rested, which is a completely different thing altogether and makes a world of a difference. Make it a habit to get at least a good 7 hours sleep as your body needs time to recuperate and rejuvenate. This is the time that collagen works to create better skin, and prevents wrinkles from forming. With a good amount of sleep, you can say goodbye to dark circles and eye-bags too. You'll not only look good, you'll have much more energy to feel good!

Hair Care

For beautiful bouncy hair, apply serum or some oil to let hair that lacks lustre absorb all the good stuff. Dry and brittle hair need some moisturising too. Comb in the serum and leave it on while you sleep. You'll wake up to softer and wonderful smelling hair. So much win!

Overnight Mask

Face masks work great to help with the little hiccups your skin may experience from time to time. Try using an overnight face mask, one that doesn't need to be washed off after it dries, for bedtime. With so many face masks available in stores, it’s not too difficult to find one that works best for your skin type. You can't go wrong with hydrating masks as they help with moisturising your skin, making it feel soft and supple. For combination skin, you can use a few different types of masks for allocated parts of the face. Masks are a great way to pamper your skin and help remove or reduce blemishes.

Lipbalm Miracle

Keep your lips hydrated and moisturised by applying lipbalm before bed. This helps with flaky and dry lips, especially on days you don't get enough water in your body. Wake up to softer lips with no lines that make lipstick applying an absolute breeze!

Smooth And Soft Skin

Moisturisers and lotions are great to help you achieve fantastic skin! When used overnight, your skin has ample time to absorb all the moisture and nutrients these products have, which in turn makes your skin soft and smooth. Oils work great too! You can slather on some coconut oil and leave it in for amazing skin the next day.

Soft Soles

This part of the foot is often taken for granted! Use a heavy moisturiser on the soles of your feet and wear socks to avoid messing up your sheets. No more dry or cracked heels if done religiously for a week or so.

Wash Your Face

It's a must to wash your face before bed (right after you brush your teeth!) but you have to do it correctly. Make sure that you remove your make-up (all traces of it!), otherwise it could cause many complications for your skin like clogged-up pores and blemishes. Use a cleanser that will help clean your pores and get rid of the oil and dirt build-up.

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