Beauty Benefits of Honey

Beauty Benefits of Honey


24 May 2016


With thousands of beauty products in the market, it can be a truly frustrating search to find one that fulfills all your needs. More often than not, these products have chemicals and preservatives which may be harmful in the long run.

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Which is why natural ingredients are the way to go.

Here's one that you definitely would have at home (and if you don't, you should!) that works miracles. Honey is legit the bee's knees when it comes to beauty and once you read this, there'll be absolutely no doubt in your mind why. Honey, we've got your back!

Natural Antiseptic

This is one of the properties that make honey an absolute godsend! With its ability to help heal wounds and also reduce inflammation, it works great on acne and scars. This also helps with removing dead tissues from the skin and transforming your skin from the inside. Honey works great for sunburns too!


With an ability to exfoliate the skin from the inside out, honey works its magic by giving your skin a radiant glow. All you need to do is wash your face with a mix of water and honey to avoid blemishes and it also keeps your skin super soft. Rosy glow and dewy skin - we're sold!


Honey is a natural humectant which basically is a substance that helps retain water. Due to this, it helps keep your skin hydrated and moisturised the natural way. When your skin is hydrated, it helps keep it smooth and most importantly, wrinkle-free.


Consuming honey has many different benefits, one of it being anti-ageing. This golden liquid of youth had been used in ancient cultures such as Egyptian times (think Cleopatra!) to help preserve and maintain the skin’s healthy and youthful look. Massage some honey into your skin as it allows blood circulation to flow which in turn tightens the muscles. Say goodbye to wrinkles, and hello to flawless younger looking skin!

Skin Lightening

Want to get rid of dark spots and even out your skin tone? Honey combined with lemon is just the thing you need! Lemon has acidic bleaching properties, where else honey has lightening and antiseptic ones. This killer combination works fantastically together to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and lightens and evens out your skin tone.

No More Dry Hair

Due to the natural humectants in honey, moisture is stored easily and this works like a charm for dry and brittle hair. Mix it with your shampoo or just do a gentle rinse after washing to let your hair absorb the natural goodness of honey as it helps lock in moisture to help your dry hair become soft and healthy. Who doesn't want shiny, smooth locks?

For Chapped Lips

Slather some honey on your lips before bed as it works as a lip balm. You'll wake up to soft and supple lips, as it also helps remove the dry skin build-up on lips that causes it to crack and become chapped. Added bonus, it tastes great too! You can also create a lip scrub that would be great for exfoliating your lips. Add on a little bit of sugar and scrub away the dead skin, leftover lipstick residue and enjoy soft lips all day long.

Honey Scrub

The same formula used for lips can be applied for the skin too! Mix 3 tablespoons of honey, with equal parts sugar and add some milk to make it into a paste that can be used as a scrub. Use twice weekly to see fantastic results. Your skin will shine just like honey, and feel just as silky smooth too.