Achieve Healthier Hair at Home with Superfood-Inspired Natural Shampoo From Hair Recipe

Achieve Healthier Hair at Home with Superfood-Inspired Natural Shampoo From Hair Recipe


20 September 2019


The quest for healthier, shiny hair seems to be a neverending story for many of us. We’re always looking for the newest thing to take our locks from boring to beaming—DIY elixirs, expensive salon treatments, dietary supplements, and nutrition changes. But what if we told you there’s an easier, more affordable way to boost your crowning glory?

Hair Recipe is offering the solution to your hair care woes with their new superior hair care collection of superfood-inspired natural shampoos and conditioners uniquely crafted to give your hair the extra boost of nutrients it needs! 

What Makes Hair Recipe’s Natural Shampoos Unique?

They use an innovative NurtiBlend™ Technology that extracts the best superfood-inspired ingredients—like apples, ginger, honey, and figs—and craft the perfect recipe to give your hair the food it needs.

With the help of Japanese nutritionists, Hair Recipe has been able to harness the ancient secrets of the Japanese, renowned for their silky-smooth, beautiful hair, and package them into a line of paraben-free natural shampoos and conditioners scientifically proven to leave your hair feeling smoother and more conditioned than similar products on the market. 

See how Hair Recipe’s product line delivers max results to your strands—and find the right Hair Recipe product for you! 

Increase your hair’s volume with Kiwi & Fig

Hair Recipe, Natural shampoo, silicone free shampoo, paraben free shampoo

Influencer, Ezlisaaloy recommends the Hair Recipe’s Kiwi & Fig line for increased volume. Photo credit: @ezlisaaloy

Nobody likes flat hair! Combine that will dull hair and you don’t even want to leave the house. Banish flat hair days with Hair Recipe’s volume-boosting Kiwi & Fig shampoo and conditioner

With a refreshing and invigorating scent, Hair Recipe’s Kiwi & Fig formula gently cleanses your scalp and hair, leaving you clean and healthy hair with vitality and resilience. And their unique NutriLift™ Technology coats each strand of hair, leaving your locks feeling silky, smooth and   - not weighed down like other brands! 

Moisturise your hair with Honey & Apricot

Hair Recipe, Natural shampoo, non-silicone shampoo, paraben free shampoo

Content creator and influencer, Yimao Vin, turns to Hair Recipe’s Honey & Apricot blend for added moisture! Photo credit: @yimaovin

Is it just us, or is styling dry hair more difficult than folding a fitted sheet?! Say bye-bye to dry and hello to hydrated! Hair Recipe’s exclusive moisture formula, Honey & Apricot, uses TripleBlend™ Technology to regulate your hair’s moisture absorption and desorption, which leaves your hair feeling moisturised - and manageable! - from within. Plus, the relaxing scent of honey and apricot takes your daily shower to the next level!

Repair damaged hair fast with Apple & Ginger

Hair Recipe, Natural shampoo, non-silicone shampoo, paraben free shampoo

Vlogger and chef, Arianna Natasha, repairs split ends and damage from heat styling with Hair Recipe’s Apple & Ginger line. Photo credit: @arianna_natasha

Heat styling, colouring and outdoor pollution all take their toll on our hair and can result in some pretty extreme damage, including those pesky split ends - yuck! But don’t you worry, hair damage can now be considered a thing of the past because of Hair Recipe’s crisp-scented Apple & Ginger damage repair formula! Similar to their Honey & Apricot line, Apple & Ginger formulation helps to regulate your hair’s moisture while actively smoothing and repairing damaged hair.

Check out Hair Recipe’s new line of Japanese superfood-inspired shampoos and conditioners at your local Guardian to start experiencing healthier, shinier hair.

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