8 Cool Beauty Benefits of Cucumbers

8 Cool Beauty Benefits of Cucumbers


5 October 2016


With so many delicious and gorgeous fruits in the market to pick from, the cucumber is often neglected or just used to garnish and beautify a dish. To set the record straight, the cucumber is a fruit and not a vegetable!

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This under-appreciated fruit has many fantastic benefits perhaps unbeknownst to many. Consisting of 90% of water (which is great for you!) it's no wonder why cucumbers work like magic. Surprised? You really shouldn't be, and here’s why:

Eye Masks

This is the most common use for cucumber when it comes to beauty and quite rightfully so, as it does just the trick for dark circles under the eyes or to relieve puffiness. It helps soothe the eye area and lighten dark circles, and all you need to do is just place slices of cucumber over your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes and just lie back and relax while the cucumber does its trick. To make it even better, refrigerate the cucumber for a cooling effect.

Oil Control

Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, cucumbers are great as a face mask to control oily skin. It helps with unclogging pores, hydrating the skin and keeping it soft and dewy. You can grate cucumber and place it on your skin like a mask and then wash it off with warm water after ten to fifteen minutes after it has dried up. The results are immediate!


Cucumbers consist of 90% water and cucumber juice keeps your body hydrated, and that in turn not only makes you feel great, but it makes your skin look amazing too!

Healthy Hair

Cucumber juice can not only be consumed, it can also be applied on the hair and scalp. After you wash your hair, apply cucumber juice and massage it into your hair and scalp and leave it on for a few minutes, and then rinse. The nutrients in the juice helps with hair growth as well as keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

Lightening Skin

Though mild, cucumber works as a bleaching agent too. There are many different methods of doing this but the easiest would be just getting a slice of cucumber and rubbing it on the area you would like lightened. It also helps to even out your skin tone.

Sunburn Remedy

Due to its cooling nature, cucumber is great for soothing sunburns. Just apply the cucumber (refrigerated works best) to the affected area, and it'll do the trick on its own. For further relief, you can add on aloe vera as it also has similar properties when it comes to healing inflammation and burns.

SAnti-Ageing Properties

Another amazing benefit of cucumber is that it can make you look youthful. Like a fountain of youth, the water in the cucumber has potassium and vitamins that help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. To top it off, your skin will be moisturised and soft, making it look fresher and younger. Wash your face with cucumber juice, or apply the juice, leave it on overnight and rinse it off the next morning.

Stress Reliever

Did you know that cucumbers actually have a calming aroma? Well, now you do! If you happen to be having a bad, stressful day, boil cucumber in hot water and allow the steam to be released around the area you are in. The scent will help relax your body and senses.