6 Common Eyebrow Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

6 Common Eyebrow Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


7 November 2016


Eyebrows are the epitome of face-framing; it can be a case of make it or break it, hence to say it is important to take care of and not neglect them is an understatement. Are over-tweezed or over-filled eyebrows an issue for you? Fret not, you’re not alone.

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Cara Delevingne, Emilia Clarke and Rita Ora definitely know a thing or two about flawless eyebrows, but thick and full eyebrows do not suit all types of faces. So what are some common pitfalls you can avoid in order to get flawless looking eyebrows? Hope is on the way, dear, as we share 6 common mistakes to steer clear of. Take note and you will be able to craft and (maintain) a perfect pair of brows in no time! #goals


When plucking your eyebrows, make sure to avoid magnifying mirrors! As odd as this sounds, pluck your eyebrows in dull lighting to avoid over-tweezing. To fix over-plucked eyebrows, let the hairs grow naturally. This may look awkward in the interim, but be patient to allow regrowth and you can tame them with eyebrow wax or gel! Once they have grown, pluck them as desired. Worst case scenario, you may try brow extensions!

Identical eyebrows

To all the perfectionists out there, avoid trying to make both eyebrows look identical! When you are obsessed with identical brows, you have a higher chance of over-plucking them. Having different brows are better than having overly-thin brows. Remember, eyebrows are sisters, not twins!

Starting your arch in the wrong place

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The golden rule of brows - they must align with the top bridge of the nose. Arches that appear too far apart make facial features wider. To achieve this rule, take a pencil and line it vertically against the side of your nose - this is where your brows should begin. Slant it away from your nose so that the end rests at the outer corner of your eye -the top of the pencil is where your brows should end!

Over-filled brows

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Avoid perfectly painted tattooed-like brows. They take too much attention from the rest of your beautiful face! Though pencils and powders can work wonders to bridge the gap, it’s best to avoid harsh and heavy-handed brows, stick to feather-like strokes when you apply any colour to your brows - whether they are light or dark. Step back from the mirror after applying to ensure you do not over-fill!

Excessively filling with dark colour

In addition to over-filled brows, do not excessively enlarge and fill them with a colour 3 times darker than your complexion. Keep in mind, there is a reason you were born with your eyebrow shape. Do not change them too much!

Doing your brows before the rest of your makeup

When you are doing your makeup, your complexion may look different after applying foundation, bronzer or blush. It’s always better to fill in your eyebrows later to match your face better!

Avoid these common mistakes to achieve the perfect brows! Eyebrows on fleek!


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