5 Facial Exercises To Keep You Looking Youthful

5 Facial Exercises To Keep You Looking Youthful


23 October 2016


Working out has become the norm for most people, and if you haven't jumped on the fitness bandwagon, there's no better time than now to kick start this healthy habit. Not only does exercise build your stamina and help with your overall health, it also has many beauty benefits. There is however one form of workout that is more often than not neglected or not given priority (while it should be!) - facial exercises.

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There are over 50 muscles in our face, each serving its own purpose, among which is to create expressions. This also means there are many facial muscles that could do with some stretching. These are five of my favourites that you should absolutely consider incorporating into your daily routine. Plus, they require minimum effort and you’ll be glad to see the amazing results in the long run.



Full Face

Credit: Banyan Botanicals

This one is called the Roaring Lion pose and is a common one for those who do yoga. It's exactly as its name suggests, replicating how a roaring lion looks. You'll need to tighten your face as you inhale, stick out your tongue as far out as possible and exhale, while you keep your eyes wide open with raised eyebrows. It's probably the most complicated facial exercise as it has many aspects but that's exactly why it works like a charm.

Cheek Firming

Credit: The Fit Indian

Ageing happens to everyone and it causes our skin to lose its elasticity and become less taut. You can however slow down that process by using this cheek firming technique called the Smiling Fish pose. Purse your lips to a shape of an 'O', maintain that pose and pull back into a huge grin. Make sure you are looking straight ahead throughout this process. Repeat five to ten times.

Forehead Firming

Credit: The Joy of Wellness

Wrinkles and lines appear mostly on the forehead area, in the middle of your face. Since this is a prominent facial area, you should definitely try this exercise. This exercise requires you to place your hands on the temple of your forehead of both sides. Your pinky will be touching the end of the eyebrow and your thumb will be at the back of your head. With using your pinky, pull your forehead back. For optimum results, make sure your eyes are wide open and your lips are set tight as you do this.

Brow Lift

Credit: Fab After Fifty

Much like the forehead firming exercise, the brow lift is not only a full muscle workout for the forehead but it also helps prevent lines around the eyebrows commonly known as Crow’s feet. Use two fingers in a peace sign and place them below each eyebrow, gently push the skin down with your fingers, while raising and lowering your eyebrows up and down. You can do three sets of 10 for this exercise.

Neck Firming

Credit: Styleable

While getting your face back in shape, don't neglect the slender beauty that's holding it up - your neck. Tilt your head back and look at the sky, stretching and elongating your neck, giving it a good workout. Once you happen to be in a comfortable stretched position, make the 'O' shape with your mouth and pull it back into the letter 'E'. Repeat this ten to fifteen times.

The absolute best part about these facial exercises is that it can be done almost anywhere, at your convenience. Make a conscious effort to do them daily and you won’t regret the outcome!