A Mindful Guide To Coping With Lockdown - Part 2
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A Mindful Guide To Coping With Lockdown - Part 2

It’s all not over just yet. We haven’t yet found the pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow. But it’s not to say there’s no possibility of it being close, or if we’re still ways away. But what we know for sure is that this doesn't have to be a terrible time for all of us. 

We understand the severity of the situation - people across the globe are affected mentally, emotionally, physically and even financially - so it’s important we are all doing our part by staying home and in self-quarantine. Check out our Part 1 that goes into the basics of how to stay home and stay healthy.Today, in A Mindful Guide To Coping With Lockdown - Part 2 we will be taking things further, and talking about three things in particular - food hygiene, human connection & working from home. So read up, this is important for everyone.


1. Food Hygiene

We need the sustenance and the nutrients to keep us strong, nourished and healthy. Don’t skimp on quality food during self-quarantine. A wholesome diet will make sure your immunity is optimal - and there’s nothing quite like it right now. So whether you’re getting your food at the grocery store or ordering things online for delivery (recommended for people above 65 or who have health related issues especially if they compromise your immunity or lungs), there are precautions you should put into place.

  • Wipe containers. It can’t hurt to wipe down glass or cans with disinfectant wipes and after putting the items away, wash your hands. Also make sure the surfaces you touch (counter tops, etc.) are sanitized especially if you share these spaces with someone who’s been ill or someone who’s older.

  • Wash produce - rub your fruit and veggies under running water for 15-25 seconds is ideal. This not only gets rid of pesticides but also any lingering virus or contamination

  • If food is delivered to you - whether groceries or food that's ready - avoid a direct hand-off with the driver; have them drop off the items at your doorstep. If you’d like to tip them, do so electronically. Also, it’s important to order as far ahead as you can so you can avoid the long waits.

  • If you’re headed to a store to pick something up, go at a time that’s less busy. Take your hand sanitizer with you and wipe down the carts before and after you shop. It’s best to avoid direct contact with cash so use your debit or credit cards when possible.


2. Human Connection

Even though we’re experiencing self isolation, this isn’t a time we should be shutting ourselves completely from the world. From a physiological standpoint, long periods in complete isolation promotes inflammation in the body according to a study published in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Review in Surrey, UK. This in itself makes a compelling argument for interconnectivity - both for your mental and physical health. Don’t mix this up with simply getting on Zoom or Skype and sharing updates with your team; what’s needed is a real connection - perhaps sharing your day with a close friend. Here are some ways you can do this effectively

  • Go back to school - online. It’s time to invest your time in developing a new skill or taking up a course of interest. Some interesting ones to consider are MasterClass  or even Natural Home Pharmacy which helps you turn the ingredients right from your kitchen to effective remedies for common ailments. Both these programs grant you access to online communities which truly does feel like being part of a classroom with classmates - remote as it may be.
  • Have a virtual party. Set a time and invite some of your favorite faces to join you - perhaps on House Party. Tell people to bring their favorite beverage to the meet-up and pick a topic. Perhaps you can join a virtual book club, or even take a free virtual museum tour together. The importance is this - you’re not just randomly chatting or catching up, but sharing an online experience. This imitates the natural behavior of a group of people offline.

3. Work From Home

Some love it and some hate it. But at this point, most of us are doing it. Here are some ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of this set up

  • Communicate. It’s very important to make sure communication is streamlined so everyone is on the same page. This will prevent you from having to work in silos and also avoid you having to repeat things. We love Slack because it allows you to do just that. Private communications can also be set up.

  • Organize. There are plenty of tools to help you organize things. Instead of sharing documents over Whatsapp, thumb drives and email, put everything on Google Drive - regardless of where you are, you’ll have access to them later.  Need to plan different tasks and time management? Toggl is a good tool which times each project and can help keep your schedule in check.

Most importantly, we’re all in this together. This situation isn’t ideal for anyone but yet we’re presented with it without an option B. So let’s make the most of this time.

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